The Now

Yesterday marked my last day in the Advertising company that embraced me for almost a year. Though I didn't get the chance to spend much time with everyone on my last day, I had a special moment to thank them for everything they've done. There will still be next time for all of us, guys! I can't wait to tell you new stories.

New things ahead of me with a new company, and I'm excited to start walking to the new path of my career.  It could help me be successful and achieve all the things I want to accomplish.
I'm looking forward for the new things about work and life itself. I love how maturity clings to me right now. 
My plans about putting things in order, to enjoy my work/job, save money to put up a business and for my future husband, kids and all. I'm so excited to have those things in hand and I know that it could be achieved if I work hard for it. Others will think I'm too young for this kind of thinking, but for me, I think I'm not. Age is just a number we live by, it's just an information we fill up with every documents we have. 

Maybe the true story behind my thinking should not be revealed. I am happy about how things are going in my life now, though it's not always rainbows and butterflies... I still know that good stuff are coming my way, and I will concentrate on what I have right now and enjoy each moment. I'm very thankful that God gave me a new life to recover, to build things far behind from the previous, the present that is so wonderful and so as the future. 

I'm ready for the goodness and I hope God could grant my last wish in life. I'm willing to work hard for that thing and I know that He knows it would make me happy... and when that time comes, I could finally say that this life is awesome and everything's worth it. Thank you.


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