On Leadership

Here, I got the chance to talk about leadership. Being a student leader way back in college, I have given the opportunity to impart my experiences and opinions about leadership. I hope, in a way, I could inspire students/people to take on the lead, do good and motivate others.

So, here's to the awesomeness! (Naks!)

1. How do you define leadership?
A lot of people stereotyped leadership as something authoritative, something your subordinates must obey and be intimidated about. The real deal, it's not something you impose to anyone. It's something that comes out as it is and it's not something you boast about. Leadership is the process/way of influencing everyone - by giving them support and taking charge, by you, motivating people and freely encourage them. You inspire them as they inspire you, too.

2. You were a student leader way back in college, how did it start and what happened throughout of your term/s? 
Wow! It's a long story to tell. Ok, let me start. I was first a committee member. I was then lucky and blessed to be with an organization like FEU Junior Marketing Association (FEU-JMA); I was truly having a problem with my chosen program, I was planning to shift to Architecture from Marketing Management (just so I thought I have skills and I felt like I'm so creative! Hahaha!). Tapos na-discover ako, Hehe! Since I'm a committee member, I extend my enthusiasm (Hahaha!) to run for an org position. I went to series of interviews with the outgoing org officers, marketing professors and the program head... It was challenging, I tell you. The moment I passed, we started campaigning. I was running for the position of Assistant Corporate Secretary. Fortunately, I won, by the following semester I took charge of the Corporate Secretary position... The term ended eventually and another student election came. Same process. Just my luck, I got the Vice President for Projects position. I carry all the projects, approved all the given execution, processed everything for a symposium/seminar and all. It was so fun! My final year was about to enter, being a student leader has been my passion - seniors graduated already and you all know what's next.. I came out with a big decision to run for the Presidency. It was really crucial. A huge responsibility awaits, not to mention... my opponent for the position then is my very close friend, we actually planned to run for the same party. Kaloka noh? Well, I didn't get elected but I still served the organization - I still hosted events for them, attended/supported all the programs and interfere with every project they had. Hahaha!

3. Who are the people you think influenced you to become a good leader?
I could say that I got inspired by my professors. I really had good professors way back then. I can talk to them about leadership and stuff and they pushed me to do the best things. It enhanced me and I eventually had it passed on to almost everyone I know - my classmates, friends and other colleagues. I feel good about taking charge of stuff. I think, taking the lead and having huge responsibilities aren't something we should be afraid about.

4. As a leader you should always be motivated and be a good example to everyone, how do you motivate yourself?
By keeping a positive outlook. Well, there were times I felt so low that I wanted to shut myself down for awhile (you know, sleep muna)... but then thinking those students, friends and people who believe in me... It was enough to be motivated and rise again. Not everyone could give their trust to you so might as well prove to them that you are worthy of that trust. In a way, I know I could inspire them, even with just simple things.

I try to be a good example by not being the one who has the first say to cut classes. Hahaha! Kidding!

5. What are the things that you think made you a better leader and of course, a better person?
Trials and challenges, I guess. I got all the lessons with me. When you had the moment to live life on the edge you will be inspired to be stronger and you will truly appreciate and value every little thing about your every day.

6. With all the trials and challenges in your life, what are the lessons you have learned that made you effective?
I've learned that it's not always rainbows and butterflies, situations won't always be in favor of you... so you better work extra hard, have faith and keep track, 'cause if not, you'll lose it all.

7. What is your typical day as a student before?
I got a big shoulder bag, my cute university uniform, flat shoes and a half-asleep phase. I always try to squeeze ideas from my brain to perform well in school and to contribute jokes to my friends. It was essential. Hahaha! But seriously, if I don't have much to do with my day, I always hang out with my friends, go eat isaw, fishballs, siomai and other streetfood along R.Papa near the FEU gym or go to the chapel, sit there, pray and contemplate and go on with my usual JMA day. You could often see me running around the campus holding project proposals, permits, letters, marketing plans and handouts.

8. Being a leader requires a great dedication and hardwork. People look up to you, how do you get by with all the expectations?
Aaaah! This one's flattering! Thanks!
I just keep it real. I keep it true to myself. If I could reach all my own expectations, chances are...I could also satisfy or even delight people who look up to me. I try to do great on each deal and try to maintain the enthusiasm... well, everything else follows.

9. What is the best way to motivate subordinates?
I motivate them by simply being with them. It's not about what title you have or whatever advantageous spree you presently can indulge into... It's about experiencing everything with your people and influencing or inspiring them to do good.

10. What are the words you live by to get on with your day that can also inspire people?
All the way!


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