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On Leadership

Here, I got the chance to talk about leadership. Being a student leader way back in college, I have given the opportunity to impart my experiences and opinions about leadership. I hope, in a way, I could inspire students/people to take on the lead, do good and motivate others.

So, here's to the awesomeness! (Naks!)

1. How do you define leadership?
A lot of people stereotyped leadership as something authoritative, something your subordinates must obey and be intimidated about. The real deal, it's not something you impose to anyone. It's something that comes out as it is and it's not something you boast about. Leadership is the process/way of influencing everyone - by giving them support and taking charge, by you, motivating people and freely encourage them. You inspire them as they inspire you, too.

2. You were a student leader way back in college, how did it start and what happened throughout of your term/s? 
Wow! It's a long story to tell. Ok, let me start. I was fi…