Thanks, 2012. Happy New Year!

After tonight, we're on a new year. Fast-paced, right? 2012 has been kinda uncool for me yet I'm very thankful for everything that it taught me. I just couldn't believe that in a few hours a new year will be on, and right now I'm wishing that 2013 could be a great year for all of us since that we survived the hardest stuff of 2012.

My life is just starting on the new phase. After studying, I started working right away and everything else followed until such time that it tested me to be stronger. 2012 had this unique way of showing challenges and solutions, you just needed to find out how it could suffice the required system for each. I was able to endure majority of those stuff, conquered it and apparently survived. I'm proud.
My aunt passed away this year. It was one of those downfalls that my family had this 2012. Holidays aren't the same anymore because we aren't complete, but life still goes on and we try to grasp everything as we try to be present for one another especially in times of trouble.

I really want to say goodbye to 2012, not that I hate it though, but for the fact that I'm excited for the new year. I want something better, something normal and something different from 2012. I'm sure you all want the same. With all my hardwork, I'm now ready to face the new year ahead. I have nothing to lose now and I'm not scared of whatever challenges that would come my way.

I'm letting go of the past. I know I wouldn't forget it no matter how hard I try but I'm letting it go... because I want to be constantly happy and I don't want to worry anymore. I've gone through a lot this year, and I think it's going to be unfair to myself if I will hold on to all negatives. I'm not erasing any part of the past nor forgetting it but right now, it's time to let go of the resentment and pain. I have chosen to learn from it and move on with my life with the help of the new year.

I'm thankful for those people who stayed with me all throughout. Now, I'm looking forward for a brand new journey with them; I couldn't express how grateful I am to have them - in this way I know... I'm still blessed, that 2012 was still a good year. Remember, we're still alive, working, laughing, and all; we better smile at 2012 and thank it for everything - the fun, love, friends, family etc.. We are totally blessed.

My faith in God led me to wonderful things. I could say that I have a stronger faith now. No matter what life would bring, I'm ready.. even if I'm not.. I should be, hahaha! Life didn't come out with instructions so it's okay if we make mistakes, but it's required that we should learn from them. Let's value each situation and what it can teach us. Let's not forget that this life should be lived well.

I'm wishing everyone a happy 2013!
Happy New Year, folks!


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