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Lupit ng mundo
Buti nalang maganda
ako hihihi

Taong Grasa

This short episode of Strangebrew made me laugh. Hahaha! Hahaha!

 On a deeper note, I would want to be good on what I am doing right now (career wise), shift to another and do what I intend to do. It's very important to have fun and try to analyze things and if those could help you in the long run.

If I lose it all and be scared to take chances or grab opportunities, I will be a Taong Grasa. Not that I'm telling you it is bad to be one (because there's nothing wrong with being one - eh kung ganun ba talaga ang life, diba? Let's work hard nalang. Wala naman easy life talaga.), 'cause I know some taong grasa living on the streets, along Morayta, where I used to be a bystander and where I used to do this act of muni-muni whenever deadlines were hitting on me... those taong grasa were really nice, they always say "Hi te!" and ask "kamusta po? Wala pa rin tulog dahil sa projects/paperworks?" It brought me wonderful and flying feelings - that people l…


Trying to grasp the air, flexing with the last fire out of things and livin' the life. Hate, anger and loneliness built by us humans can never change; not until someone would stand up, create a difference and fight for whatever it is to fight for. We can build walls and barriers, exclude ourselves from the cruelty of world... but sometimes we just need it...we just have to. We need to dive in, see how far we can go and test our limitations.

We all get tired sometimes and we all need to take some rest. After a while we are ready again.  We are so back in the game, ready to fight, we have learned all the lessons and we are happy to live the life.

Minutes before 12 midnight. Who would have thought it would end up like this?
You gave me a piece, gave me so many things to remember and you hurt my feelings. Everything's in favor of you, still. I'll wait for the day when we can say 'hi' again and won't feel bad about it. 
Life is way too easier way back then.  It will…

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

February of this year, I blogged about my excitement for Resident Evil: Retribution, and finally... The long wait is finally over.

Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer  from YouTube
Well, as expected it was enticing, though in the end you know that there should be another part, 'cause the twist just started. The turns of the entire film was quite fascinating, packed with full-force-action scenes and stunning stunts you know an action/fiction/thriller film should have (or should work on). Alice (Milla Jovovich) battle against Umbrella Corporation just grew on a different level, a different higher level that... yeah, I'm looking forward for the next R.E. Hahaha! It was awesome but I'm more on the side of bitin. I just felt that the whole Resident Evil: Retribution was only the intro of R.E for 2012 as you might consider. 
As T-virus persist to devastate the Earth; changing the whole population to zombies or flesh-eating undead as they call it, Alice is on her way to give her fu…


Today your life begins, just like many people in the whole damn world.
You worry about stuff and you listen to your favorite songs to actually take away that 'worrying' thing. But no matter how hard you try, you're just putting your best to waste... and later you'll know... It's useless.

You want to know things you think you need to know. You want to know things you already know (just to clarify if it's right, or give yourself the reward that yeah... 'I knew it.') 

Everything is going to be hard, but if you're good enough maybe the best reward you can give to yourself is just to be calm when your world is already crashing down.. that sht you are into can give you so many things to remember in time. None of it will feel right but damn, it will be fine, it will be okay.. there's gotta be something good that should happen.

Thanks world, give me more. We got nothing to lose here, so bring it on.

Let the good times roll, September!

Waving at yah September! Ber months are finally here and I can't even wait for all the good things that will come my way. August was a rough yet fun month for my family and for me, personally, but I did enjoy it and thankful that it made me wonderful and it made everything felt fine and cool. Yeaaaaah!

I'm not expecting September to be so perfect but I'm expecting it to be awesome. We all have our plans and things we want to accomplish and hopefully this month will be good.

Let's not spoil it and let's just enjoy!

Let the good times roll, September!

September by Earth, Wind and Fire
Thanks Earth, Wind and Fire for this song, this could make everyone feel fantastic. Happy September!