Heeeheee on July 2nd

I may not know everything but at least I want to try.
Let me be the one to do it 'cause I don't want to lie.
I know things are getting harder each day til I die.
I'm living like I'm on the verge of hay and I must not cry.
Life's a beast but yet it makes me really high.

You came along during a sad song.
You pulled everything closer and it's you where I belong.
The road is far away, the ride I know is long.
But, definitely on the this way I know I have you all along.
My heart can't feel the emptiness, and it won't for too long.

You proved to me that I'm not better alone and I need someone like you.
I gave in and told you that you were someone far from the few.
I know that this ride wouldn't be easy and everything we know will be through.
But at least I want to enjoy every single thing with the love I have in you.
Please believe that I'm just here and everything will be me and you.

Bow. I can't sleep and I'm busy at all stuff about home and work, okay? Hahaha! I miss the life of a 19 going 20, why do I feel so old now?!

Welcome back to reality.. Welcome back!


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