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Absolutely music, absolutely Franco

OPM at its best!

Rumors has it, I can't even... T.T

I heard that one of my favorite OPM bands is actually disbanding. That's definitely sad for the music scene. I saw updates from my friends referring that the band Franco is calling it quits.
I remember the very first time my friend, Aldrin, introduced me to Franco songs, not divulging what band it really was and all, just the plain songs itself. It sounded really international and I told him that their songs were really nailing it; every word, every rhythm and all stuff. Then he laughed at me and proudly told me that it's OPM! I was like wow!

Franco is really extraordinary, very classy and expressive. Every lyrics on every stroke, indeed... Truthful.

Another friend told me that the last gigs that Franco performed were already on a verge of going solo. Franco, playing acoustic sets alone; after that, the news popped out that the band is really calling it quits, just like what many other bands did. It's heartbreaking bu…

Tsss Friday Night

Not a good Friday night huh. But I wish I could have all the powers to make it right and cool.
I know that I ranted too much on twitter about Friday night, I hate to say it but somehow you needed to vent it out somewhere to get that issue out of your system, 'cause if not, you know that within you, you're gonna explode anytime.

I'm just letting it out. I know this was crazy and all stuff but I'm still thankful that I'm alive.

Heeeheee on July 2nd

I may not know everything but at least I want to try.
Let me be the one to do it 'cause I don't want to lie.
I know things are getting harder each day til I die.
I'm living like I'm on the verge of hay and I must not cry.
Life's a beast but yet it makes me really high.

You came along during a sad song.
You pulled everything closer and it's you where I belong.
The road is far away, the ride I know is long.
But, definitely on the this way I know I have you all along.
My heart can't feel the emptiness, and it won't for too long.

You proved to me that I'm not better alone and I need someone like you.
I gave in and told you that you were someone far from the few.
I know that this ride wouldn't be easy and everything we know will be through.
But at least I want to enjoy every single thing with the love I have in you.
Please believe that I'm just here and everything will be me and you.

Bow. I can't sleep and I'm busy at all stuff about home…