Oh you, Monday.

I love How I Met Your Mother. Seriously.
Popped out of nowhere; I love the concept. Ya know, the humor, the friendship, relationship, realizations in life and all other stuff are really the best. I can't explain well enough how much I'm craving for some goodness of life, just like that, and I must say... it's awesome.

From Future Ted:

"Kids, life is a dark road. You never really know what's up ahead. One night you're cruising along enjoying the ride and then all of a sudden, you're 28."

It's true that when we are enjoying things in life we won't be able to notice the time. We party hard, drink, smoke, drink more, dance, shared stories about our lives and laughed our lungs out all throughout. We sometimes give in to those things every single night, thrice or twice a week, so on.. and we didn't notice... Life is passing us by, that fast. We're 20 yesterday and now we're 28; we're 28 now and tomorrow we will be 32. The transition is quite rude, but we must go with the flow. Everything is changing, sometimes we just don't feel the same.

Now, I'm 20 and my mindset isn't. I always wonder what will be the next for me, though sometimes I don't want to think about it, (but it's just too clingy). I'm scared about the upcoming years, the pressure is on me - I think it's a must to learn something about everything. I want to be 28 realizing I enjoyed my early 20's , reminiscing all the good times I had years back and clinging into the reality that I'm over it and I'm ready for the next chapter. But yeah, that's a bit scary. What if, just what if, I became 28 yet I didn't learn something from the past because I was too busy to have fun then? What if those changes are a little bit shts and crap? What if?

The greatest battle of all time is thinking about all the what ifs. You know sometimes there are things in life that we want to try yet we just can't, for some reason we know it won't be good for us.

I want to wake up tomorrow feeling like I'm ready to be 28 or more and live this life. I want to be someone  who will share all crazy stories about my early 20's and will laugh about it from time to time.

Sometimes we could figure out things easily, from the start to the end. There are things that aren't meant for us and we already know how will it end, even for the fact we know that it hasn't started yet... I'm taking it from Ted Mosby's line:

"Because sometimes, even if you know how something is going to end, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the ride."


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