Megalomaniac by Incubus

Earlier today at the office while rushing some requirements and other quotations for work related stuff, my officemates/friends Boss Bryan, Juno and I are having "do you know this song?" kind of conversation. We shared and exchanged thoughts and named songs from Gin Blossoms, Blink 182, Korn, Incubus, The Beatles to name a few. Grasp also and relate some past experiences about those songs.

I told them that my dad was into Incubus (since it's Father's day tomorrow, I think it has to be said hahaha) Aside from Nice To Know You and Drive, one 'feel good' song by the Incubus is Megalomaniac. I don't know really but whenever I hear the song, I just wanna headbang and make a crap out of everything because I'm feeling really really good. I love how it was executed, I love everything about it's rhythm and to tell you honestly, it's a nice song whenever you are working out or cleaning your room - it gives this kind of urge to accomplish tasks and to allow yourself enjoy the phase without even sinking in the tiredness that you could associate on doing those.

Yeah, I know that Megalomania is a psycho-pathological condition, hahaha! But we're talking about creativity and rhythm here, buddy! So we shall enjoy this! Yeah men!

Megalomaniac by Incubus


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