Holy bananabels! I'm missing all my friends, like totally. I miss them as much as I miss my college life and all other stuff that you can associate with the so-called 'comfort zone'. I miss being with them, stress-free, bullying each other, talking about funny and gross things, sharing links and websites of whatever that the cyber world is actually taking on the verge of concern and all the happiness, sadness and staring blankly ahead moments everyday of our young, wild and free lives.

I hope we could have more time to share funny and immature things; because, as far as I am concerned, these moments now are those so-called 'moments' for some mature ventures in life. Well, it's really good to see the transition and the changing of phase from time to time. How I love it, seeing us grow and decide about something big about our lives were just so priceless! The goodness of this life deserves a thumbs up and a high jump.


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