Friends with Kids (2012) and the thoughts of a supahstar

Friends with Kids (2012)

I was looking for movie trailers on the internet when I saw this Friends with Kids (2012) movie trailer which apparently caught my attention. We all know about the friends with benefits or no strings attached setup, it goes a little something like this but this friends with kids is a little too serious and emotionally catchy - of course, it comes up with the fact that two people wouldn't be 'together' like no commitment at all but decides to have kids and stand as parents - but still NOT together (just friends). 

I think it was the fun of being single that actually made them not to get into a serious relationship - but for the record, they've decided to do it and have kids. Kids are too cute, cuddly and really enticing, and somehow I know where they (the so-called 'friends with kids') were coming from. I've thought about that before, the thing that I wanted to have kids but I don't want a husband or a partner... for the fact that I'm not into it, though I'm not a hater either ... but it terrifies me that something I thought that was wonderful won't work out; and I don't want any complications on any part. 

But as you grow and realize things in life, there are points there that you really want to consider. Crazy points from before, crazier points of today and craziest points of the future. It's just a matter of time, a matter of time to realize what you really want to do, people you want to be with, and that special someone you want to give everything to and spend the rest of your time with (Yaaak, I know. A little cheesy, I know. But it's true.) At some point we need the help of other people for us to realize something in life, our decisions and our true feelings - even though that means they're not the one for us.. Perhaps, they were sent for that purpose and they came because of that mission. We maybe love them and we may believe that they're made for us but that's what we try to think. Apparently, the universe and the whole of world thought of something else. Maybe what we truly need is just right in front of us, we are just too busy searching for something great that we couldn't even notice that what's in front of us is greater. 

Well, I think now I'm not terrified to give in to something we might consider 'cool'. Let's remove all the 'what ifs' and 'It might have been' and let's start living. This movie made it big for me... This doesn't mean that I want a family now hahaha! But nevertheless, I'd rather have it complete and committed than to have something to bluff on or regret when I'm older. Let's grow up.

And oh, I don't want to have kids yet.


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