Another Day

(c) Shainne Hostalero
June is kickin' in. I'm having a bad start but that doesn't mean that the rest of this month is going to be bad. I'm still hoping for good things to come 'cause I know we all deserve the goodness and awesomeness of times, especially in times that we actually choose to live and be on track of the good and bad side of the situation.

It's true that if you don't ask you wouldn't be able to find out and to know the answer. Every little thing is so clingy right now, I might now want to comprehend and reciprocate to the clingy side but I don't have any choice - It's bitchin' me up in some point, but I already know the 'real thing', my 'real friends' and those whatever 'real' that deserves to be a part of me and deserves every single stuff of the 'real me'.

I'm thanking heavens for new good and real friends! The hugs, the kisses and everything are the ones who gave me life last night and helped me survived. It was really a long long night. Long hurtful night. I'm trying to forget the disasters and embrace those positive things that had happened; we all deserve the goodness of the phase and the outline of the rapport. We cried, we twisted and screwed some stuff but generally speaking, it was still the 'fun' of living; getting alert and getting a grasp of every moment, whether it was devastating or so.


I know we're having a bad start here, I'm approaching the new quarter and please let's work things out. I know that this clingy thing won't be for too long 'cause in a way you'll be over, but let's make the most out of it; let's make the bad be good, and the good be the best. I've been waiting for the moment to arrive and I can't afford to lose it in an instant. I'm hating you right now, like totally, but this wouldn't mean that I'm still going to hate you tomorrow. Bring it on. Be nice.


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