How I miss this place? Words can't describe.
I'm still having a college life hangover, though right now I'm embracing every single thing that the corporate world could offer; not to mention that I feel so pressured right now about my work - I'm the only one who actually feel this way, I don't know what's happening to me but I know that I must stay positive all throughout, because yeah... It's the real world.

View from Pavilion in front of Science Building

Perfect for summer! You can have a glimpse of this beautiful flowers from FEU Plaza or best known as the Freedom Park, it's near the chapel and the entrance of FEU East Asia Building (Building 2 inside, not the main entrance)

FEU Bilog, where you can sit, sleep, talk, be quiet and reminisce every single thing about your life. It can also be a stress-absorber spot if you're having drastic challenges about paper works.


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