On the contrary

One giggly afternoon.

Well, it wasn't really giggly at all. My family is currently facing a great obstacle that I'd like to believe wouldn't go further than its state now.

I'm diverting emotions and I don't let it overrule me, 'cause I don't want to feel bad about anything, by the reason I know I'm not good at feeling bad and I'm not really the sitting-in-a-corner-in-a-silent-mode-and-will-cry-the-whole-day kind of girl. I usually laugh and make fun of anything under the sun, even sometimes it could be lame, pale or whatever.

In reality, the situation sucks more than anything else that has ever sucked before.

Hello world, I'm showing you now the lame face of the girl who is NOT the-sitting-in-a-corner-in-a-silent-mode-and-will-cry-the-whole-day kind of girl.


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