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We really can't please everyone. That's for sure.

Seriously, world? Why are you doing this to me? Come on people, can you please think of other ways on how to make your own lives wonderful and let go of that 'judgmental' spirit and phase?
You're judging a person by that single mistake; are you really like that? Engaged into something else (like bitterness and insecurity)? I'm telling you, insecurity will lead you nowhere. 
What goes around comes around. God bless you. I hope you guys can realize some of those good stuff about life.

Whether it's good or bad...

I'm on the verge of something I don't know. I'm quite busy but still there's a lot of thinking going through my head (which I don't expect, cause the hell yeah, I'm busy) and as per that, I know that it isn't good; that I shouldn't feel like this.

I'm trying to hook up with the goodness of life, though I know it's good already; but I just couldn't stop thinking what could actually happen if it will turn out something I have really wanted ever since. I don't have a hold with the world, it's rotating phase and all other stuff that makes it go round and round everytime, but still I want to know the answer to each whys, hows, whats and wheres or perhaps the sh*ts of what ifs, buts and the greatness of each 'oh, come on!'

I always thought I could handle each trials and challenges (Haha! I still could). Maybe I'm just overthinking, and I know that overthinking is indeed a biotch. It creates a problem that isn't there at the…


The busy girl is tryin' to comprehend now. Awesome!

Well, everything is actually not in place right now but I swear to you that I'm working things out. I'm running late for every detail and to tell you honestly, I totally hate it, but I find it challenging at the same time.

Days are goin' by so fast. Fast-paced life is really fast-paced. To give you a little background of how I'm feeling as of this moment. Here it is.

Not really on the 'love'/'like' thing. Ya know, it's different. Let's just say we all want to relax, sleep naked and face the brand new tomorrow with awesome smiles and sparkling eyes.

Let's hang on and wait for payday.

If I'll tell the world, I'll never say enough 'Cause it was not said to you And that's exactly what I need to do  If I'd end up with you

Chasing Pavements by Adele Video from YouTube

Fruity thumbs up!

I was browsing for new video games that can overtake to my specific highness for Mass Effect 3, NBA2K12, Modern Warfare 3 among others that are actually in the list of superbity of my gaming life. And in the absence of the mentioned games, here it is... Fruit shop! I got this from a gaming website, y3 under the category of cooking. Hahaha! You just have to pop or click three or more same fruits on the same line. I kill time before it kills me.
Honestly, I'm sleepy but I don't want to sleep yet so here's the result. Tomorrow it'll be working time again; I want to catch up with sleep because I know I'm really missing out. T.T


How I miss this place? Words can't describe.
I'm still having a college life hangover, though right now I'm embracing every single thing that the corporate world could offer; not to mention that I feel so pressured right now about my work - I'm the only one who actually feel this way, I don't know what's happening to me but I know that I must stay positive all throughout, because yeah... It's the real world.

View from Pavilion in front of Science Building

Perfect for summer! You can have a glimpse of this beautiful flowers from FEU Plaza or best known as the Freedom Park, it's near the chapel and the entrance of FEU East Asia Building (Building 2 inside, not the main entrance)

FEU Bilog, where you can sit, sleep, talk, be quiet and reminisce every single thing about your life. It can also be a stress-absorber spot if you're having drastic challenges about paper works.

On the contrary

One giggly afternoon.

Well, it wasn't really giggly at all. My family is currently facing a great obstacle that I'd like to believe wouldn't go further than its state now.

I'm diverting emotions and I don't let it overrule me, 'cause I don't want to feel bad about anything, by the reason I know I'm not good at feeling bad and I'm not really the sitting-in-a-corner-in-a-silent-mode-and-will-cry-the-whole-day kind of girl. I usually laugh and make fun of anything under the sun, even sometimes it could be lame, pale or whatever.

In reality, the situation sucks more than anything else that has ever sucked before.

Hello world, I'm showing you now the lame face of the girl who is NOT the-sitting-in-a-corner-in-a-silent-mode-and-will-cry-the-whole-day kind of girl.