So, what happened?

I hate waking up THIS early.

The thing is, I can't even remember every single thing that happened last night. Perhaps, I was half asleep all the way or the other way around, which I think the universe already dug it.

My phone's sent items and BBM chats could prove that I've done something not really considerable work of a normal thinking individual. Sorry friends for the random BBMs or texts. Haha! Let's make fun of it instead, can we? :)

And I know I BBM-ed someone, a great someone with a crazy message saying I'm actually.. Secret. It's a word consisting of 5 letters and seems to be the hardest word. Booo! Not the one you're thinking, you perv! Haha!

I'm thinking now that I'm on the right track again, I guess.
Whew! Take me back to last night. T.T


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