Hey hey, Saturday!

While I still can't remember every single thing that happened the other night, I spent my Saturday with my friend, Rara. The last time we met? Graduation day, and we didn't bond much because we're kinda seated far away from each other. Alphabetically arranged it was then.

She started working right after graduation and I'm bracing myself for work because this coming May 2nd, my real life will begin... and it's not even a trial at all, just like what I was doing weeks ago (that's the reason why I was really busy.) Gahd, we can't define how the 'real world' is ruining our social lives. Hahaha! We bound to plan every travel thing we want to pursue, that gives us jitters in a wonderful way; we're really too excited to travel and explore each places we want to be into. Nice!

Just like the old times!!
Here's to the goodness of the 'real world'! :)

We grabbed some froyo - we're really froyo bums. Best stories could be told with the presence of frozen yogurts. Making the world much better because it's good to be sober.. Sometimes. Haha!

Rara gave me a cute passport holder with matching luggage tag. I wanted to buy the same thing before but tend not to. That's why it definitely touched me when I opened the present. Bonus: Our printed picture together with an awesome message at the back! :) Yey!

Passport!! :)

Cheers for more years of friendship!!


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