Happy Birthday, Rockin' 20!

Two decades living in this world, learned a lot of things already and still willing to learn more, fell down, stood up, fought and still fighting. It's a happy birthday!

I don't usually get goosebumps or awesomazing excitement during my birthday, but when I do the feeling won't leave me, and I do swear that my birthday today is really awesome. Though there are a lot of things that came up that made me think deeply and engaged into quick decisions (serious decision making, not the ones that I'm taking on to harder thinking while in the shower - 'cause I'm making life decisions inside the shower), I can say that it's still a lotta fun. I went to Puerto Galera yesterday to celebrate summer fun with my friends, since we graduated and my birthday is hitting on, but I got back in Manila a day after (which is today) 'cause I had too.. Yah know, family ;)

I'm really really happy to celebrate my birthday with the presence of the fast internet connection, in front of my laptop, a bunch of good books, my pets and crazy, funny and adorable family and friends. It is just so priceless that I couldn't grasp enough air to say thanks and I couldn't find the exact words to express and to extend my more than thankfulness aura to everyone who greeted me today. I must not shed a tear.

I got extremely kilig, thanks to my friends who called earlier just to greet me a happy birthday. I want to jump up and down and go inside the line to reach the other line just to hug, kiss and thank you guys! I still can't believe that you guys exerted sweet efforts to greet me, I do swear it really matters and well appreciated. And thank you also for all the cyber greetings on facebook and twitter. :)

So again, thank you guys for the greetings. I wish I could get the chance to hug all of you 'cause you made my day extra special.

Happy Earth Day everyone and if anyone of you is celebrating his/her birthday too... Happy Birthday! :)


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