Dramatic ice cream consumption example

I know you all know this but I want to stress this out. Again. Ang init! 

The presence of ice cream and a cold water can decrease the heat that I'm feeling right now. I hope you guys can feel the same way too.


Ice cream can cure any sickness/illness I have; from coughs and colds to a broken heart. I'll be fine if someone will give me ice cream, especially at times when I'm feeling so down and out. I'm like a kiddo that you can bribe to stop all the crying and all the drama. I'm not sure or I really don't know, but ice cream has the power to make everything work for me.

I remember the time I got my heart broken (naks! pa-heart broken heart broken pa eh! Haha! Sorry guys but this could be the best example.) My then boyfriend and I split up because of lame issues that can't be resolved. It then hurt my ego, his ego and our egos to continue the relationship because the reciprocating thing was no longer present that perhaps decay would be the next for both of us. To clear things up, this story  was from year 2009, we're both moved on now, we're really good friends, and please don't make this story an issue, this just serves as a dramatic ice cream consumption example. Haha!

So, 'nuff said. That moment, I rushed to the nearest convenience store and bought my awesome teary-eyed self an ice cream. After 20-minutes of senti mode, I then, considered myself fine/okay. I won't tell you the aftermath, because there was no aftermath. Hihi!

Now, I'm not into broken hearts *yipee!*. I'm into greatness and coolness of life even though the weather is nailing us. I suggest, you guys grab some ice cream today!

Oh wait, do you guys have any dramatic ice cream consumption story too? I want to know! Hehe! :)


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