Hold on

A life full of trials is a wonderful life.

You want to believe it yourself, you want to stop the stuttering moment of yours and you want everything to be so just fine... fine, fine like a movie with a happy ending.
Everything is so wonderful when you know how to wonder, when you know how to dream and when you want to settle to the crazy stuff of the universe.

"It's fun!" said the universe, "Amazing!!" it chuckled one more time.

You don't know where to go, and the catch? You don't even know where you are coming from. And by the moment you knew, the feeling will come rushing in saying "You didn't enjoy the journey because you are too busy figuring things out."

Regrets will come knocking, then will diminish when you're trying to be strong, then will come running faster than the speed of light, sounds and all sort, nailing you down... your tears won't solve any problems in life, and that's the time you will believe that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" or the other way around.. what doesn't kill you makes you crazier.

But you don't want to settle for the latter..
Realizing that there's still hope is the greatest part of the reverie.

Hold on.


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