Hey, low.. February

Oh oh face. Sorry.

There were times when you don't have curtains on your window, you feel entirely sick and you can't live without your eyeglasses anymore.
You felt like a different person already because your eyes can't dwell much to the rest of the world. 

Oh life, you're still awesome. 

Then February is already there, knocking on your hearts, making you feel the love and sometimes reminding you that you are totally single and you should deal with the fun side even you're alone.
Single is the all fun phase for me. I can do whatever I want to do, I can be alone if I want to and I can be with my bed for the rest of the day without someone to bother me - telling me that I should meet him, text him, call him and so on. 

Star Wars and Batman can suffice so there's no problem. 

So, February.. We meet again.


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