Cheers to Four Years

84 years of Green and Gold virtue. Far Eastern University - Manila at its finest.

I am now set to graduate April of this year (hopefully, teehee!). For four years of stay in FEU, I've learned a lot and I could say that I'm ready for the next challenges and new paths that I will encounter after graduation. Uttering goodbye and the whole idea of it makes me really unhappy, it felt like it was yesterday when I entered the university - and now I am subject to leave it.

Experiences throughout my college life, whether good or bad will never be forgotten... even in any form. Farewells shouldn't be this melancholic, I must be happy that I have finished my whole program and finally will be having a degree. The things that are memorable are those ones that I've never read in a book but gained in a form of experiences, trials and challenges. Some of it made me laugh, made me smile, made me suffer through a lack of sleep, made me cry and made me cry even more - that which I know, stress can be a good thing too... and procrastination is the root of all unaccomplished goals. Since I started and finished my internship, I always thought that having classes and stressing myself through different kinds of paper works is a way better than spending 8 hours in front of the computer, typing, filing and printing all sort of documents... that moment, I knew, that school is my comfort zone.

Now that I am soon to be out of it, a sort of new life and fresh experiences will be on my new way. And just like what other people say... "Sometimes, leaving isn't a matter of choice. It's coming back that is."

Though far from home
our feet may roam
our love will still be true

I'll treasure within my heart the FEU.


  1. Hi Steph! I will miss you too! I wish we could have more time to catch up. Keep up the good work. I always believe in you, in all the things you could do. Hugs.


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