Am I too late for this?

I just realized that I want vouchers in my life. I want freebies. I want it all.

I am a marketing student and soon to be a marketing graduate in 2 or 3 months time. Studying business for 4 years and engaging myself to all capabilities of earning money for like forever are the two awesome ways to live the life, oh well for me. These doesn't excuse me for being not an impulsive buyer because.. I am... and I hate it now.

I should be careful for what I buy because I know that all the things that attracts me are part of marketing blaaahs of some sort of businesses out there, but what should I do if I find it too cute, too interesting and too enticing? Hahaha.

Believe me I'm a saver.. Hmm, well I don't really save lives like what doctors and other heroes do, but I do save money, of course in the bank. I don't know how much my bank account is worth, no no no, I'm not that rich. Perhaps in just a swipe (because it's debit card) all of the money that's in there will be gone, gone, and gone forever. So back to being an impulsive buyer (I do claimed it!), from the meaning.. I do buy things that I really don't need and really don't need yet - like new colored pencils (which I found cute and now I'm conceptualizing to be able to use it), sketch pads (which I found enticing and now I'm conceptualizing to be able to use it), BOOKS! (oh my guilty pleasure!) and all other stuff that I don't need as of this moment. So now I'm asking time to be good to me so that I could use all of those.

So as I claimed and confessed it, I hope that it's not yet too late for me to make a New Year Resolution (tell me it's not yet late, please)
I do promise that I'm not going to be an impulsive buyer anymore. I should be wiser and wiser about buying and spending money, because life is so hard as we all know it.

....Even I just made an account to Ensogo last night (huhuhu, tempting) I will deal with it wisely :D I do swear.

By the way heavens, thank you for the notifications and updates... I will now pay my phone bills instead of goofing around with internet goodies.

And the thoughts of not buying will make me hurt. Haaay, this is a part of life. Let's move on.

Spend wisely! :)


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