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Leap Day 2012 (with a song)

Since it's Leap Day today (February 29) I wanted this day to be memorable, 'cause this amazing February 29 comes only every after four years. So I thought having a good song would definitely make this day spontaneous. 
And it's The Temper Trap's song Sweet Disposition that would fill this day positivity, fun, love and excitement.

This song reminds me a lot about 500 Days of Summer. Happy Leap Day!

"So stay there 'cause I'll be coming over And while our bloods still young It's so young it runs  We won't stop till it's over Won't stop to surrender
Songs of desperation I played them for you I played them."  *video from YouTube

Home Sweet Home

Having coffee outside and relaxing to the fullest because you feel like a zombie half-asleep, and you need to take a break from watching the impeachment trial on TV. Amazing sunset! Home sweet home!

Cheers to Four Years

84 years of Green and Gold virtue. Far Eastern University - Manila at its finest.

I am now set to graduate April of this year (hopefully, teehee!). For four years of stay in FEU, I've learned a lot and I could say that I'm ready for the next challenges and new paths that I will encounter after graduation. Uttering goodbye and the whole idea of it makes me really unhappy, it felt like it was yesterday when I entered the university - and now I am subject to leave it.

Experiences throughout my college life, whether good or bad will never be forgotten... even in any form. Farewells shouldn't be this melancholic, I must be happy that I have finished my whole program and finally will be having a degree. The things that are memorable are those ones that I've never read in a book but gained in a form of experiences, trials and challenges. Some of it made me laugh, made me smile, made me suffer through a lack of sleep, made me cry and made me cry even more - that which I know,…

What's hot tonight? 02-25-12

BLUE, an English pop vocal group is here in Manila for a concert tonight at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum together with A1 and Jeff Timmons of 98 degrees. Since I wouldn't be able to watch the said concert, I'll just have my favorite song from BLUE posted here :) Which is the song BEST IN ME.

I do remember one incident in a mall when they used to play boy band songs such as from Nsync, Backstreet boys, Westlife, A1 and of course Blue, so for everytime that the song Best in Me or One Love will be played, I could see a lot of shoppers lip syncing the song (and yes, I'm one of them. Teehee)

If you are a 90's kid or early 2000's baby, I'm sure that you are familiar or have gone crazy over boy bands; just like KPOP's impact to everyone nowadays. The transition of generations are really on the fastest level the settings could offer, if you think about it, it was a long time ago already (like 10 years ago, 15 years ago, and so forth) yet it doesn't feel like it; …

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Trailer

When the hot Anne Hathaway is on the way in addition with the extraordinary Christian Bale, you'll know that the movie is going to be an incredible one. Christopher Nolan is a genius! The movie is set to be shown on July of this year (for the U.S.). The filming took place in various locations, comprises of Los Angeles, New York, India, Pittsburgh, etc. 
So after a couple of years after the event from The Dark Knight, the terrorist Bane appeared at the Gotham City, hustling it and hustling the police force into the highest of their limits pressuring Batman to a resurfacing. The epic conclusion to the Dark Knight Legend is.... coming.

Wanted to rhyme

'Cause when you have an awkward tattoo
You don't know what to do
Life is screwing you
You want to get drunk
But apparently you don't drink
You tend to overthink
How life can be so awesomely flick
You wanted to use awkward twice
But you can't be so wise
You want to utter it for the third time
Then you'd think of a lime
You wanted to mime
or perhaps you just wanted to rhyme


Resident Evil 5: Retribution (3D)

The continuation of browsing about Zombie action games was on-going when I saw this trailer of the upcoming sci-fi action horror movie, Resident Evil 5: Retribution in 3D (this coming September, I think)

When the past unveiled and then you continue to hunt and to chase those who are responsible for the outbreak - Alice (Milla Jovovich) takes into place. With all quests from Tokyo to New York, Moscow, and Washington D.C. in line with all the astonishing, eye-opening and mind-blowing apocalypse/revelation; Alice is now forced to rethink and rediscover everything until to the point of finally uncovering the truth about her whole being and the Umbrella Corporation she's chartered into.

There's more into this magnificent film.
It's now time for the Retribution.

*video/trailer from YouTube

V-day 2012

Today is Valentine's day! Hooray! I'm happy and feeling slightly inggit (envious) seeing couples/lovers everywhere, strolling around, having their incredible and sweet date gimiks for this day and posting cheesy pictures on facebook and twitter. It boils down to one thing... That's life. Haha!

It was indeed an exciting day, I was assigned by my grandpa to be an apprentice of a surprise for my dearest grandma on this special day. I was very excited when I woke up, but it turned out... I ruined the surprise! I accidentally spilled out to my grandma that there will be a surprise for her, and I was in-charge to do it. Haha! I felt so sorry, it just went so funny because my grandma found it so sweet that my grandpa (who's actually not into cheesy things) had planned a surprise for her (through chocolates and cakes), even it was mirthful for her... still, I felt and still feeling sorry about the ruined surprise.

Gahd. So I thought I can be an awesome Ninja for today to surpr…

Random Things

A day with random things in my mind; glistening random thoughts from the inner of me.
Well, maybe this is what you get by spending your days unproductively.

Great movies and awesome books excite me! ;)
And I rhymed.

I can't wait for org events, feels like I will be in line again with awesome marketing people! I'm missing them badly, and I shall see them soon.

I don't have any good thoughts for now, and it saddens me :(

Oh well, advance happy heart's day everyone! <3

Oh good thoughts, I need you now.

Oh lovely bunnies

My days are full because of my bunnies
Fun life, livin' without worries
Stinson and Scherbatsky is cool and happy
My poem right now really sounds lame and somewhat like grisly

Oh lovely bunnies
You guys are so cute and fluffy.

Hold on

A life full of trials is a wonderful life.

You want to believe it yourself, you want to stop the stuttering moment of yours and you want everything to be so just fine... fine, fine like a movie with a happy ending.
Everything is so wonderful when you know how to wonder, when you know how to dream and when you want to settle to the crazy stuff of the universe.

"It's fun!" said the universe, "Amazing!!" it chuckled one more time.

You don't know where to go, and the catch? You don't even know where you are coming from. And by the moment you knew, the feeling will come rushing in saying "You didn't enjoy the journey because you are too busy figuring things out."

Regrets will come knocking, then will diminish when you're trying to be strong, then will come running faster than the speed of light, sounds and all sort, nailing you down... your tears won't solve any problems in life, and that's the time you will believe that "what…

The Hardest Thing

Welcome late 90s emotion and awesomazing peg! Listening to this song is such a nice way to (almost) end this very tiring day.
I know it's love month and as I am being a non-conformist with the trend, movement and passing of days... I will just try to somewhat blabber about my emotions because somehow this song could affect me in different weird ways - well even if I don't want to create, remember and feel issues in my life most specifically on the 'love' thing. Haha! Whatever. So, for all the amazing single individuals out there... This song is for all of us! :) -- and to make the dedication more on 'shoot' level, cheers to all 'It's complicated!'

The Hardest Thing by 98 degrees
"It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do To look you in the eye  And tell you I don't love you It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to lie To show no emotion when you start to cry..."
*video from YouTube

Stinson and Scherbatsky

Welcome to the family, Stinson and Scherbatsky! <3
And yes, I am a fan of the series How I Met Your Mother :)


Am I too late for this?

I just realized that I want vouchers in my life. I want freebies. I want it all.

I am a marketing student and soon to be a marketing graduate in 2 or 3 months time. Studying business for 4 years and engaging myself to all capabilities of earning money for like forever are the two awesome ways to live the life, oh well for me. These doesn't excuse me for being not an impulsive buyer because.. I am... and I hate it now.

I should be careful for what I buy because I know that all the things that attracts me are part of marketing blaaahs of some sort of businesses out there, but what should I do if I find it too cute, too interesting and too enticing? Hahaha.

Believe me I'm a saver.. Hmm, well I don't really save lives like what doctors and other heroes do, but I do save money, of course in the bank. I don't know how much my bank account is worth, no no no, I'm not that rich. Perhaps in just a swipe (because it's debit card) all of the money that's in there will…

Hey, low.. February

There were times when you don't have curtains on your window, you feel entirely sick and you can't live without your eyeglasses anymore.
You felt like a different person already because your eyes can't dwell much to the rest of the world. 
Oh life, you're still awesome. 
Then February is already there, knocking on your hearts, making you feel the love and sometimes reminding you that you are totally single and you should deal with the fun side even you're alone.
Single is the all fun phase for me. I can do whatever I want to do, I can be alone if I want to and I can be with my bed for the rest of the day without someone to bother me - telling me that I should meet him, text him, call him and so on. 
Star Wars and Batman can suffice so there's no problem. 
So, February.. We meet again.