Dear Future Boyfriend

I want to post something about the seminar we had earlier but as I go on to the remaining hours of the day, it came to me that I should do this even just once in my life. Something came up during the seminar that students were actually asking personal questions to the speaker and it turned out to be so fun because the great speaker entertained and actually gave his wonderful answers to those students who asked. My friend and I sitting beside each other came to the point of  thinking and realizing that we miss being with someone really special, a 'boyfriend' I must say. She told me that she misses the feeling of being in a relationship and.. so do I. Though we immediately closed the conversation (about relationship thing), I realized that I should do this.. for the sake of, I don't know.. I just want to do this. I'm not in like or even in love with someone and I'm not seeing anyone, it's totally single.. Single single you might say. I really want to take my time and enjoy the single single life, but sometimes I can't help but to miss being with someone as more than friends.

So, here's to the future.

Dear Future Boyfriend,

I don't know if I want you right now but I want you to know that I'm here, I exist.
You might find it weird and lame but I'm waiting for you while enjoying the life that I don't want to miss.
Maybe you're still busy and so do I
We can work this out I know, we let go the why
I know you're not perfect and I will love you for that
One day we'll be playing video games together and sometimes it'll be all that

We'll swipe Timezone powercard together
Pig-out and never say never
Travel and shop like there's forever
Laugh and cry and days will never be darker

Our relationship won't be perfect and won't always be happy
I'd love to have something not really kind of sappy
After fights we'll be saying sorry
Then we'd kiss and hug each other tightly

I hope that you will find the happiness with me
I wish that you could love me endlessly
We will keep the spark or even the fire
We will ignite the light, energy will be higher
We will spend Christmas day and New Year's eve together
Then we will go to bed and hug each other

I'm looking forward to days
I'm searching for a wonderful place
Taking care of you is what I'm bound to do
Love will be the greatest thing for me and you

"We" and "Us"
Together at last
Soon I'll be seeing you..
You want me, I want you
We'll be hugging each other and we'll be saying I love you



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