4th day of January 2012

Let's welcome 2012 with a positive energy! Hooray!

It's the 4th day of January 2012 and I feel extremely tired already. My prerogative to rest is being destroyed by some of annoying species and all other stuff that are existing in my environment. The need to think better is a must, and I'm like a photocopier machine that has a paper stuck-in and somebody should trouble shoot me and clear all the modes.. I'm really just emotionally tired.. though I want all of those positive energy to be with me, to be mine.. so that positivity and I can nail things together.

I'm always waiting for something new and I do make opportunities. Yeah, waiting is tiring and so does staring blankly ahead at all times. Better yet, be productive, even the world is telling you to back out and put your butt off of the plus sign. By this, I'm starting to miss the old life of mine at school, oh I miss those challenging days and fun days with my awesomegalactic friends; that was my comfort zone, now it's all different.. and now I came to the point of slightly banging the door of that zone to get closely enough to those requirements and 'a must' challenges I need to surpass. I'm missin' my comfort zone.. Like seriously.

Things like this are so random yet I keep on pointing and pointing stuff out.
Just YEY! to the 4th day of January 2012. Let's all rest now.


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