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Don't Stop Now, Saturday!

Don't Stop Now by Crowded House

Some random music from my awesome Saturday-night-chill-out here at home. Spent the whole day doing some art related stuff and also got the chance to rest and regain back my energy for tomorrow's busy day.
I hope tomorrow will be fun, Sundays should always be fantastic.
Enjoy the rest of this wonderful night, friends! January is about to end in just a few days, let's make the first month of 2012 worthwhile. All the best for the rest of our days! :)
Live a happy life and spread the love <3


Always by Switchfoot
This song is just so lovely and I cannot wait to dedicate this to someone. <3
Every breath is worth taking, everything is worth living, situations might be cruel sometimes but what makes it lovely is the fact that you'll be here soon.. here beside me. I'm excited to see you, and I cannot wait to be with you. When 'that' right time comes I know I could finally say that... "This life is really worth living. This life is more fun with you."
I'll see you the future.
And I'll be always yours.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Or if you want, Xin nian kuai le!
Our family celebrates Chinese New Year - a simple celebration just to welcome  another year of prosperity and good luck for all us (since we are a part Chinese too). I always get excited and wow-ed with the fruits, the Tikoy, hopia and many other rituals that we are doing to celebrate. It was always been fun and awesome, but not just that... We are also fond of having something new for the house or following some Feng Sui rituals.

Last week my friend sent me an email related to Chinese New Year. It's all about Tantra Totem, it may guide us throughout the year of the Water Dragon. So, I think I should share it to everyone. This is really inspiring and I hope you could share it to others too! Happy Chinese New Year!

Tantra Totem
The following is a Chinese Good Luck Tantra Totem. You may not believe in this but the advice is great! Read all the way down, you might learn something!

One.  Give people more than they expect and do it chee…

You know.. Second Chance

"We all deserve a second chance. Duh, people do change. What hurt you before won't hurt you forever...unless you let it, you let them. And how would you know if that thing will still hurt you...if you actually won't try to cling to that thing one more time?"
Just some random thoughts of mine.
Second chance, we all deserve you.. like seriously.

Now Playing

The night is fantastic.. so I thought sharing a nice song will make the evening more incredible.

"I can't let it get me off  Or break up my train of thought  As far as I know, nothin's wrong Until I hear it from you.."
Hope you find this song nice too! It's Til I Hear it From You by Gin Blossoms :)

*video from YouTube

I Won't Give Up

I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz

I was listening to this song and realized that love can really illustrate and define those major points in my life. For almost everything I do, I do it because of love. Haha! I don't know if you'll find this pretty odd, weird, lame or whatever but what I say here is true. From The Beatles all you need is love to here.. I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz; love can really make so much difference and it takes all the negative vibes away. But for those time we left here or in any specific place alone, we still choose to live and do everything fun out of life, because of love.. we love life, and that I know is certain.

I love the song and the music video.. simple yet so meaningful, it catered through a lot of memories, stuff maybe from the past or the present. I hope everyone could still write the classic love letters and let their poetic expressions or side come out. We miss all those great stuff or impedimenta we call classic (If you don't mis…

Something New

There's something new in here! My blog's font style. :)
I changed it; since it's new year and I want something new from my somewhat old life, I changed the font style of my blog. I think this font now is more eye-friendly and readable (well, maybe just for me). I really want to renovate my blog because it's already 2012 (hahaha, this is a new year hangover and actually felt like a must to change something for the new atmosphere of this year) but I don't have enough time yet to do some fancy things for the blog. I want to cry.

I do have many ideas in regards to retouching and putting something new in here. My bro gave me  (haha, bro! It's mine already!) a drawing tablet so that I could sketch directly on the computer, because sometimes when I sketch or doodle some stuff on a paper, my little cousins used to fantasize and draw more in it.. you might think it's cute and cool but sometimes they tend to ruin it all for me and I left crying like a baby.

Now I wis…

Love and the lines

My friend sent me an awesome and funny (because I found it funny and cool at the same time) message about the transition of what some girls say to the boys for some love related thing.
Hope you could find it interesting, nice or perhaps funny too. :)

Here it is:

In 1970, ladies say this to the boys: "Love me, but don't touch me."

1980: "Touch me, but don't kiss me."

1990: "Kiss me, but don't do anything more."

2000: "Do everything, but don't tell anyone."

2010: "Do everything, otherwise I will tell everyone that you can't do anything."

2011: "Shut up and kiss me! But don't you dare fall in love with me!"

Hahaha, I definitely got the 2011, No Other Woman it is! :D

Dear Future Boyfriend

I want to post something about the seminar we had earlier but as I go on to the remaining hours of the day, it came to me that I should do this even just once in my life. Something came up during the seminar that students were actually asking personal questions to the speaker and it turned out to be so fun because the great speaker entertained and actually gave his wonderful answers to those students who asked. My friend and I sitting beside each other came to the point of  thinking and realizing that we miss being with someone really special, a 'boyfriend' I must say. She told me that she misses the feeling of being in a relationship and.. so do I. Though we immediately closed the conversation (about relationship thing), I realized that I should do this.. for the sake of, I don't know.. I just want to do this. I'm not in like or even in love with someone and I'm not seeing anyone, it's totally single.. Single single you might say. I really want to take my time…

4th day of January 2012

Let's welcome 2012 with a positive energy! Hooray!

It's the 4th day of January 2012 and I feel extremely tired already. My prerogative to rest is being destroyed by some of annoying species and all other stuff that are existing in my environment. The need to think better is a must, and I'm like a photocopier machine that has a paper stuck-in and somebody should trouble shoot me and clear all the modes.. I'm really just emotionally tired.. though I want all of those positive energy to be with me, to be mine.. so that positivity and I can nail things together.

I'm always waiting for something new and I do make opportunities. Yeah, waiting is tiring and so does staring blankly ahead at all times. Better yet, be productive, even the world is telling you to back out and put your butt off of the plus sign. By this, I'm starting to miss the old life of mine at school, oh I miss those challenging days and fun days with my awesomegalactic friends; that was my comfort zo…