Tiredness and Good Vibes

I need more time. As always.

Time is very important for all of us for.. Time is life. It's sembreak already and I still feel so tired about things and scenes of my wonderful life, it's a positive tiredness by the way. Why do I keep whining about all of these things if I consider the whole a positive tiredness? Well, the answer is.. I don't know. It's kinda a 'mindset' for most of us that doing a lot of activities constitute to stress and pressure, actually, not all the time.

I've been through different events, presentations, academic activities and the like; I felt so happy and blessed regarding stuff and I always look up to the positive side of life. In my field, pressure is always working its best, doing everything to achieve its finest; and one thing you should consider to survive is the right way on how to handle the so called 'pressure'. At first, I don't know how to handle pressure right, there was a point in my life that it manipulated me and I became really unproductive and felt really down. I worked on that, I told myself that I should not be affected and should not let myself be carried away by the pressure, and I need to learn the art of good time management.. and now, I already know the real value of time. Now, I don't handle pressure anymore, I could say I let pressure handle me. I think this is advantageous... and fun! Fun because you don't feel intimidated anymore by all the works and constraints regarding time or other resources. You'll learn different things that you won't find in books. You'll learn by your experiences.. and the awesome part is.. you have the chance to share and relate it to other people, that for me, communicating to different individuals with different personalities is cool. As well as, you get the chance to wonder about other stuff, by which wondering can lead you to the best ideas.

I guess, I already know what positive tiredness really mean.. It's an awesome feeling, the feeling of happiness despite of some atrocious acts of the world. Happiness, fulfillment and good vibes VS. Tiring, devastating and annoying sort of whatever.

Happiness, fulfillment and good vibes.. for the win.


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