Rocky Road

(c) Shainne Hostalero
The roads are getting rocky. Life is getting really hard. Typhoons, earthquakes and other calamities couldn't break or destroy me (I was believing that it won't). In a snap of a finger everything can change: You're happy now then you're sad later, you're fighting for something and after a minute you're almost giving up. Scenarios are changing and there's nothing you can do to maintain it by the way you want it to be.

There are things about this world that I couldn't or perhaps wouldn't be able to understand at all. but with that, it's making the better life be the best, making the bright world brighter and making life fun and lovely. Indeed, it's definitely interesting. It's fun to wonder.

Just like any normal human being, this life is also testing me how far my feet will take me, how far I can go and if the saying 'better bend than break' can be true to life. Finding solutions and making decisions are hard to do, but proclaiming and imposing that you're about to give up is harder, unbearable and it feels really untrue.

Yes, I'm having a hard time for this road is unrelenting, rigid and intransigent. Time flies, life is moving on and acceptance is somewhat the key. Great challenges in this fast-paced life are bound to make or break us, and by that I'm choosing the option prior to 'break'.


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