Holy Crepe!

(c) Shainne Lim
This photo was taken a few days ago. My friend Rara and I decided to meet up before setting up everything for the fashion show, we felt really horrible during that time; we couldn't eat much, and moments were spent for thinking so hard. As much as I wanted to burst out the reason why.. I just can't. We're moving on.

At present, we're now stable. Feelings are already okay and we're really blessed (yehey!). Those horrible days are gone and we're dealing on the positive and happy side now.

Side note: Looking forward for an out of town trip this week!! Excited!!

This post seems to be kinda off topic, I know. Hee hee, so.. therefore, to fit in.. I'm now craving for mango crepe with chocolate syrup and some good stories from my great friends!


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