Listening to Puddle of Mudd, and now the Sunday is perfect.
Thoughts are moving, surrounding my whole being.. good or bad, positive or negative.. this could help the body to be relaxed and at least think deeply; positioning individuality to the right zone. Identifying right places and now I don't feel so alone.

Blurry by Puddle of Mudd

(favorite part)

"Everyone is changing, there's no one left that's real.
To make up your own ending and let me know just how you feel.
Cause I'm lost without you, I cannot live at all..
My whole world surrounds you,
I stumble then I crawl.

You could be my someone,
you could be my scene.
You know that I will save you from all of the unclean.
I wonder what you're doing, I wonder where you are..
There's ocean between us, but that's not very far."


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