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Halloween 2011

Last night was really great, felt like everything was good. The kids went around the neighborhood in their costumes with their cute buckets and jack-o-lantern stuff, asking for candies with the "happy Halloween!" shouts. Some of them looked-like Disney Princesses, pirates, monsters, witches and cartoon characters, they really looked cute and awesome.

The neighborhood annually celebrates a Halloween party including the trick or treat adventure of cute kids to different houses around our village. I hope I could join the trick or treat too, I want to be a kid again; when I was little we didn't have this kind of Halloween celebration in the neighborhood, my cousins and I were just scaring ourselves out because of the monsters and different spirits that actually claiming presence during this season. My cousin once told me that some of the spirits were impertinent and others were really good, I don't know if I shall believe those but apparently some of them were really hau…

Dance Floor Perspective

A perfect song for my life is required; perhaps, for me to know what I should feel in every situation or maybe I just want a background music because I don't want moments to be dull. I am not sure.. I love music, I love everything about it.

Like Charlie (the character in this book), I can't stay on the sideline forever. If I want to feel 'infinite' I should take the courage to change my own songs from time to time and see life on the dance floor perspective. That I know, I should not be dancing sway when the tune is hip-hop or so. Probably, the best thing to do is to improve my unique perspective.

Many individuals get to be involved at things.. and I think by these things, people should take into consideration that.. Life doesn't stop for anybody, we should keep going.. even if things are starting to devastate us.

Dark Hallway

She was alone in a dark hallway, thinking about a man; probably the romance that they had in the past. It was an uneasy thing for her, a little awkward to take, that no matter how hard she tried to throw away her feelings, she knew, it was impossible.
Almost everything was about him, each minute, hour, days and months, that for her he became her life. In that dark hallway, she was looking for an answer, enjoying the silence and formulating all of her thoughts and ideas with tears falling down her face. It was too painful, too uncompromising and crucial.

She thought that man was different, she believed, she engaged her whole being to him, not knowing it will not be worth it. Something unexpected happened, there was another aspect, another person involved: another female was in the picture - third party. She was in her lowest moments, didn't know how to survive, didn't know what to do. The only thing that kept her going was the reality of life, that -- people come and go, others…

Getaway - Pamarta Bali Beach Resort

I landed on a great sphere of life. The place was really beautiful and I would not want to blink my eyes, I could see the best thing - this was the greatest reverie. It was a tranquil place that made my heart skipped a beat, it removed all my disappointments and frustrations, and I could say, I was happy and contented.

Philippines is a wonderful country.The inner piece of the place can excite me and amuse me in every single way. I am a Filipino, and I would say that it's a pity of me and it's a poorness of me to not appreciate what I have and what I can see right now.. and by this I could also utter, I am a real Filipino and I am proud of it.

Pamarta Bali Beach Resort, Bataan is the perfect getaway for this sembreak. After the stressful days, with all the depressions and frustrations you had for the past semester would actually fade away with this kind of place; the people are very friendly and accommodating, you could easily talk to them or interview them about the place and …

Big Sister

(5 days ago)

Sample illustration for Reeza's (my cousin) school project; I'd rather draw than to help her do her math homework. In addition to the stress, Charles is whining about his Music assignment and now I'm helping him to identify musical notes.
World, you are testing my elementary skills. This is really solid, mind you.

Tiredness and Good Vibes

I need more time. As always.

Time is very important for all of us for.. Time is life. It's sembreak already and I still feel so tired about things and scenes of my wonderful life, it's a positive tiredness by the way. Why do I keep whining about all of these things if I consider the whole a positive tiredness? Well, the answer is.. I don't know. It's kinda a 'mindset' for most of us that doing a lot of activities constitute to stress and pressure, actually, not all the time.

I've been through different events, presentations, academic activities and the like; I felt so happy and blessed regarding stuff and I always look up to the positive side of life. In my field, pressure is always working its best, doing everything to achieve its finest; and one thing you should consider to survive is the right way on how to handle the so called 'pressure'. At first, I don't know how to handle pressure right, there was a point in my life that it manipulated me…

Holy Crepe!

This photo was taken a few days ago. My friend Rara and I decided to meet up before setting up everything for the fashion show, we felt really horrible during that time; we couldn't eat much, and moments were spent for thinking so hard. As much as I wanted to burst out the reason why.. I just can't. We're moving on.

At present, we're now stable. Feelings are already okay and we're really blessed (yehey!). Those horrible days are gone and we're dealing on the positive and happy side now.

Side note: Looking forward for an out of town trip this week!! Excited!!

This post seems to be kinda off topic, I know. Hee hee, so.. therefore, to fit in.. I'm now craving for mango crepe with chocolate syrup and some good stories from my great friends!

Rocky Road

The roads are getting rocky. Life is getting really hard. Typhoons, earthquakes and other calamities couldn't break or destroy me (I was believing that it won't). In a snap of a finger everything can change: You're happy now then you're sad later, you're fighting for something and after a minute you're almost giving up. Scenarios are changing and there's nothing you can do to maintain it by the way you want it to be.

There are things about this world that I couldn't or perhaps wouldn't be able to understand at all. but with that, it's making the better life be the best, making the bright world brighter and making life fun and lovely. Indeed, it's definitely interesting. It's fun to wonder.

Just like any normal human being, this life is also testing me how far my feet will take me, how far I can go and if the saying 'better bend than break' can be true to life. Finding solutions and making decisions are hard to do, but proclaimin…


Listening to Puddle of Mudd, and now the Sunday is perfect.
Thoughts are moving, surrounding my whole being.. good or bad, positive or negative.. this could help the body to be relaxed and at least think deeply; positioning individuality to the right zone. Identifying right places and now I don't feel so alone.

Blurry by Puddle of Mudd

(favorite part)

"Everyone is changing, there's no one left that's real.
To make up your own ending and let me know just how you feel.
Cause I'm lost without you, I cannot live at all..
My whole world surrounds you,
I stumble then I crawl.

You could be my someone,
you could be my scene.
You know that I will save you from all of the unclean.
I wonder what you're doing, I wonder where you are..
There's ocean between us, but that's not very far."

Keeping up with S

Sleep has always been an issue.

5 hours of sleep a day is already enough for me to perform well. I guess. On the other hand, I'm always dreaming to sleep more than 5 hours and at least reach the 8 hours quota of the perfect duration of sleep that everyone is talking about.

For the nth time, I know that I'm talking about presentations, events and other school activities. To sum up, I'm talking about stress here.

Coffee replaces my blood, and I couldn't imagine my life without it. Speaking from experiences with some scattered ideas.. stress wasn't really underrated at all.
In my opinion, the latter part of the semester is the most stressful area of the adventure. You should pass requirements, do paper works (self-explanatory, fun and stressful) and do presentations (which is fun!) Well, after all of those... you worry about the results, you worry about your standing, and yes.. you worry about your grades. Even though you know that you did all your best and you perfor…