My views regarding relationships and how it is like to be a nonbeliever base in the reality of life and not in a form of fairy tales and forever afters.

"You just have to commit to the idea that you don't want to commit to a certain thing or person because it will just complicate and obscure things and perhaps ruin you."
                                                                                                                      - Shainne Hostalero

For now, I don't believe in a so called relationship but I do believe in love, it's just I want to commit to something more different, something I really like and want to do and something I want to devote myself into, that for now, it's not a relationship, it's not a boy and girl thing, it's more on activities, career, selfless undertakings, a thing that could help many individuals. Those might sound corny, jologs or whatever yet those are the things I want to do.

I don't even need someone who will ruin stuff for me because I could ruin it all by myself. I could be happily in love but jumping to the next level of it, such as "labels", "boyfriend-girlfriend", "in a relationship" and more are not included (yet) in the list. A hater is different to a nonbeliever, self-explanatory.

There could be someone very special to me but I don't want to demolish the "specialty" in a way of being uncertain or ambivalent with respect to "relationship".  So many choices out there concerning with life and love, and yes. This is my choice.

On love:

Love is sacred, it doesn't require playing and stupidity (that you can actually get from a relationship, the usual--I'm not bitter, just speaking for reality). It comes from the inner being with willingness and ability. A life full of true and unconditional love is good, it gets better everyday, it should be without complications, restrictions and worries.


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