Coffee Bean and the past Sunday

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf moment (with my friend, Manilyn)

Last Sunday, Manilyn and I went to TriNoma (as usual) to have some relaxation and coffee; supposedly in Starbucks but there's no space available for us in all Starbucks Coffee in Tri. We went to Seattle's Best, still crowded, no available chairs and tables. Then, we decided to go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, luckily, we had the chance to sit in a couch. We ordered White Chocolate Dream (Ice Blended), a muffin and an ensaymada and still missing Starbucks Frappuccino *sigh* then the story began, a lot of catching up happened, stories, theories, anything under the sun.

The Realization:

The world is lovely especially to the relationship ~nonbeliever~ *ehem*, you know there's something wrong with you when everybody is so cheesy yet you can't feel and do anything but to crave for more ice blend and frappucino. 

To clarify, you're enjoying the scene of cheesiness but not reacting positively nor showing bitterness.

Everyone, I'm not bitter, just a relationship nonbeliever but still a love propagator. Whatup.


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