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SONA 2011

The second State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno "NoyNoy" Aquino III was expected to be illogical, to have too little or none of substance and just a replay of the previous SONA he did, but at some point, it was really a contrary of those expectations, it rotated a total 360 degrees from the prior. Although people are bearing bellicose as a part of being, not having much of understanding about the government that was actually (according to the SONA) trying its best to become better, a higher quality than the average and to prove that this country can gain the most positive marks and points when it comes to progress.

People, being belligerent and entails negative points and opinions that exaggeratedly want to condemn the current administration; not much of a good point that the current provision is getting. I'm sure they are working on that with all the transparency that they can do and with all the information that they have given the people for the pa…

The End of 2011's Week 28

The Sunday is quite good, hot and full of fun things, except that I'm thinking all of works that should be done, thinking also about a workless weekend I haven't experienced for a long time already. There's nothing really important about this state of words, perhaps, I just want to type, feel my brain if it's still functioning (i hope so) and to spend a little meditation for a good back up of things.. on going.

On going.... hmm. Best moments?

Best moments for me are those moments when I get the chance to bond with good friends, watch documentaries, read books and newspapers, stroll around the mall, pig-out and those internet related activities, so life as simple as I think it is. That for those moments I think were the best, other people could find it boring, nerd-like, corny, and whatever negative adjectives they want to associate with those. Who cares about me being nerd-like or boring? It makes me glad, fly and comfortable, so what?! I should get by that people wer…

Pledge on the Sublime

Digged the news this morning, and I was highly affected of the innovations regarding illegal stuff. Would you believe that there's a "Shabu-spread" already? I don't have any idea why people do such a thing, what do they get from those kind of drugs? Aren't they scared? This "Shabu-spread" is pretty wow, it uses bread for drug transactions, whatta highly innovative fuckery idea huh?! But why not use those splendorous ideas for something better? (Yes, running compassion)

Living in the third world is fun, you may want to strive harder, be educated, learn things in life, and many other ways to improve your being, nature, government and so on; but on the other aspect of it, it is hard (self-explanatory), and this kind of news makes me sick. People, we want to be successful and our country wants to be rich, well-rounded and all positive dealings and so, right? But what are we doing now? We should do good instead and pledge on the sublime.

Well, this thought i…

Recyclable Feelings

The sky is the door to your soul
When I look at it, I could feel you so
Sad it may seem, it's so hard to dream
Even if you let me in, I will never win

Weeping each night in a dark gray place
My heart is drifting wanting to race
The thoughts of you always make me smile
I'm trying to forget my problems even a little while

I know we are worlds apart
Reaching for you and wanting you is like an art
All memories with laughter and tears
Hitting me hard, full of fears

The sky is the door to your soul
When I look at it, I could feel you so
Writing these words for you to feel the love
Even if it takes me bewildered high above

Wanting you is the greatest entity
I'm loving you with great sincerity
I know you really don't want to take me
I will not sob nor beg you to be with me

This love could reach the end so soon
But I will be thankful for having you 'til noon
May the world be good to you and me
And may we ran out of bad words to utter, to see

Thank you for the time that you…

Week 26 of 2011

Sundays are fun! I'm longing for some relaxation though it's a fun week for me after all, but what's new? It's too tiring :( We are now preparing for the STRATMARK (Strategic Marketing) Competition, and it feels so awesomeamazing to be one of those individuals who will represent FEU for the said competition, wowowowowowowowow!! Imagine that more than 30 universities are joining the competition, I am very fortunate, a 'hell yeah' opportunity! Yes! It's the highlight of my fun week, actually.

A sort of jeopardy feeling or am I just being paranoid? I'm telling my grandma that I need some rest and she told me that I should pursue it because I always go home late and tired (because of my 'til 9pm class. ~sad~) Anyhoo, it's okay, I'm still fine and I'm still happy, I can't wait for July 5 or July 6, so I am excited for my new savings account, the bank personnel told me that they will activate it on the said dates and by that time I can alr…