It's a Happy Birthday!

Earlier today in the classroom as I was sitting and listening to some random music, a big surprise from my friends hit me. It was my birthday last Friday and I didn't get the chance to celebrate that day with them (it was Good Friday, considered as a holiday), so to my surprise they have prepared some presents. A sort of a witch doll and a lame Superman action figure from Spencer, a diskette and a message written in a scratch paper from Topher and a Popeye Cassette Tape with a Policeman toy from Romeo.

And yes, you may think it's just a bunch of trash (they do trip a lot, they/we do ridiculous and hilarious things most of the time) but it's life's treasure. As I was receiving those gifts, they kept on singing "Happy Birthday To You" and they actually don't want to stop. Intense! :-P

It was very funny and memorable birthday surprise that I will and I shall treasure forever. Awesome gifts, awesome day, awesome friends. Yeah, just Awesome!


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