Apple's iPad 2: All New Apps?

iPad 2 (Photo from Google Images)
Developers have their say on how the iPad 2 will be introduce or impact to the market with its own apps and games.

It has been launched in the U.S last March 2 (if I'm not mistaken), and it showed off several of its own apps that would make use of the new tablet's hardware, including Photobooth, Facetime, GarageBand and iMovie.

Developers are also canvassing and collecting opinions about the features such as the new A5 processor and dual cameras - and also about the lack of a higher resolution retina display.

It is said the developers taking at face value, Apple's promise that the A5 will deliver twice as the performance of a CPU and nine times the graphic performance of the first generation model (iPad 1). Obviously, the game category will mostly the one to benefit. This is one great news for the gamers and techie ones! This is a Wow!

Compare to iPad 1, iPad 2 is lighter, twice as fast, a third thinner and also has a gyroscope. It will provide 3D games, such as Infinity Blade and all improved graphical horsepower. With this, there'll be new types of visually rich social games coming out on iOS and Android devices soon.

And it is indeed, the fast paced development of technology.


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