The Workout: Grow Tall

I'm starting to have some workouts for my body and soul. Do body workouts in the morning and read books at night, super fascinating! I'm getting ready for summer, I want to have some fun to shake the stress away due to paper works and other stressful activities of mine months earlier.

I've done some research about proper diet, good body workout techniques and books that can help me to be more motivated and inspired. Stress is screwing me and nailing me down and I'm not liking it, I should stop it from spanking  me so hard.

Now, I'm focusing on how to be taller. And according to some research, good diet must be followed:

  • Some of the foods that can make you grow taller include milk, cheese, yogurt, boiled chicken and protein-rich foods.
  • Height growth may also be based on your muscles and bones. For boosting up the growth of the bones you should have a diet that is in rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Muscles need to have an ample amount of water to grow better. High protein and carbohydrates rich diet also aids in strengthening the muscles.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol. They can disturb the balance of your hormones and interrupt in proper growth of the body.
  • You must also chew the food properly.
Let's do it!


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