Making Sense Venture

To break the boredom in my blog.. here it is.. another boredom.

I've been busy the whole week, suffered and still suffering to a tremendous brain draining and stressful activities, I need some rest. Good thing EDSA People Power 25th anniversary will be tomorrow; oooppps yeah, I know that we should celebrate our independence and be thankful (yes, we really should be) to those individuals who served as an instrument or way to saved our country. To tell you honestly: I wish I was born earlier, I want to experience/want to know what people power feels like. Disclaimer: Most of the students are very happy because it's been declared that there will be no classes (tomorrow).

Into the highlight, as I was browsing all my social networking sites, photo blogs, blogs and other news in the internet, I realized that I should try my very best to make sense (believe me, I'm trying).

I'm practicing my "making sense venture" through answering questions on my Formspring account. Apparently, most of the questions there are about love stuff.. what to do, where to begin, how to move on, how to be happy.. so on and so forth. But, it's fun answering their questions. What I mean is, it's really nice to know that you can help other people just by giving them simple advices (even if I know sometimes that my answers doesn't make sense at all).

As of now, I am thinking of a very good article. For some reasons, I want to join the official student-journalists community in our university, to give some spice to my life and to others. I think it'll be fun. I'm thinking of picking the 10 best questions from my Formspring account and create an article about it or have an open comment thingy for everyone so that they can give their answers slash opinions about those questions. In that case, we could all be involved. What do you think? Does it make sense? (brrrr)


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