The F-kin' Valentines Day feat. Task No. 3

And it's Valentine's Day...I have nothing else to do so I picked some task card and that's it! The task number 3.

Task number 3

In this regard, I made a poem.. illustrating somewhat like bitterness? na-ah. Just a poem of what everybody feels at this moment in time. Screw it! And it goes something like this...

Your love is a lie
And I'm going to die 
Now, I'm just letting my feelings fly
It's Valentines Day and I'm f*ckingly shy
This poem is the corniest but I'd rather try

The task is high
Says words don't have to rhyme
But I want to screw it just like a lime
Nothing else to do, this day should die
My love for you is not a lie
And it's not going to fly

I counted 1, 2 ,3 and it's nice to know you
There was a time when all I want to say is "I Miss You"
And now it feels different at all boo
Now I really want to say F you
Happy Valentines Day boohoo
All Happiness should be for you


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