Don't be too exaggerated, I'm just speechless.
That eyes, aphonic.

Yesterday, we had a Marketing Management make-up class (we often call it 'MarMa'). As we are discussing the lesson for our marketing plan, other topics are flashing into my eyes and into my mind that I know somehow or in some way even if i don't want or I won't pay attention to it... it makes sense. Our professor slash the Business Administration program head also told us about the deadline of the next draft of our marketing plan, explained things about it and boom, he actually spilled about his plans for all of us.. the next batch of graduating students.

We, marketing students are suffering to a tremendous stress and depression lately, wishing that graduation will be tomorrow to stop those mind f*cking lessons and presentations. But the moment that I heard our professor saying the words "Gusto ko may maiwan naman kayong something sa institute bago kayo umalis, para may ma i- contribute kayo dun sa mga susunod na batch", "kayo ang priority ko kasi third year na kayo, kayo yung laging nandito kasi yung mga fourth year OJT na at paalis na rin naman sila", "Whatever choice that you will made now, will reflect on the next school year because that's your batch" (he's pertaining to the election, that we should maximize our vote and we should vote wisely), not exactly the words he uttered but something like that.

It made me think, what exactly am I doing now? What should WE do to have at least a contribution to the Institute? I think it also falls on our organization, we're trying to make a difference, we really want to make a difference but... I don't think it's happening, or it's happening but it's not enough, or maybe it's just enough... Just enough? I don't think so.

When it comes to organization stuff, we think about ourselves, we think about the marketing students, the faculty members, the administrators and the whole FEU community. There's something wrong, I know. Hearing those words made us so motivated to do what we should be doing at this very moment. It's not only about the diploma, it's about making history.

By the way, I'm not speechless anymore.


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