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Making Sense Venture

To break the boredom in my blog.. here it is.. another boredom.

I've been busy the whole week, suffered and still suffering to a tremendous brain draining and stressful activities, I need some rest. Good thing EDSA People Power 25th anniversary will be tomorrow; oooppps yeah, I know that we should celebrate our independence and be thankful (yes, we really should be) to those individuals who served as an instrument or way to saved our country. To tell you honestly: I wish I was born earlier, I want to experience/want to know what people power feels like. Disclaimer: Most of the students are very happy because it's been declared that there will be no classes (tomorrow).

Into the highlight, as I was browsing all my social networking sites, photo blogs, blogs and other news in the internet, I realized that I should try my very best to make sense (believe me, I'm trying).

I'm practicing my "making sense venture" through answering questions on my Formspring account…

The F-kin' Valentines Day feat. Task No. 3

And it's Valentine's Day...I have nothing else to do so I picked some task card and that's it! The task number 3.

In this regard, I made a poem.. illustrating somewhat like bitterness? na-ah. Just a poem of what everybody feels at this moment in time. Screw it! And it goes something like this...

Your love is a lie And I'm going to die  Now, I'm just letting my feelings fly It's Valentines Day and I'm f*ckingly shy This poem is the corniest but I'd rather try
The task is high Says words don't have to rhyme But I want to screw it just like a lime Nothing else to do, this day should die My love for you is not a lie And it's not going to fly

I counted 1, 2 ,3 and it's nice to know you
There was a time when all I want to say is "I Miss You"
And now it feels different at all boo
Now I really want to say F you
Happy Valentines Day boohoo
All Happiness should be for you


Don't be too exaggerated, I'm just speechless.

Yesterday, we had a Marketing Management make-up class (we often call it 'MarMa'). As we are discussing the lesson for our marketing plan, other topics are flashing into my eyes and into my mind that I know somehow or in some way even if i don't want or I won't pay attention to it... it makes sense. Our professor slash the Business Administration program head also told us about the deadline of the next draft of our marketing plan, explained things about it and boom, he actually spilled about his plans for all of us.. the next batch of graduating students.

We, marketing students are suffering to a tremendous stress and depression lately, wishing that graduation will be tomorrow to stop those mind f*cking lessons and presentations. But the moment that I heard our professor saying the words "Gusto ko may maiwan naman kayong something sa institute bago kayo umalis, para may ma i- contribute kayo dun sa mga susunod…

Anyone Else But You

From the movie JUNO. Michael Cera and Ellen Page <3

Anyone Else But You
You're part time lover and a full time friend, The monkey on the back is the latest trend, Don't see what anyone can see,  In anyone else,  But you
Here is a church and here is a steeple, We sure are cute for two ugly people, Don't see what anyone can see,  In anyone else, But you
We both have shiny happy fits of rage, I want more fans, you want more stage, Don't see what anyone can see,  In anyone else, But you
I'm always tryin' to keep it real, Now I'm in love with how you feel, I don't see what anyone can see,  In anyone else, But you
I kiss you on the brain,
In the shadow of a train,
I kiss you all starry-eyed,
My body's swinging from side to side
I don't see what anyone can see,
In anyone else,
But you

The pebbles forgive me,  The trees forgive me, So why can't you You forgive me? I don't see what anyone can see, In anyone else,
But YOU...

Precious Moments with Nature

Card number 2 for the win today.

"Find the nearest garden and spend some precious moments surrounded by nature. Better yet make your own. Whether it be in a backyard or on a table near a window, the time you spend seeing a plant grow also nurtures your soul." Flowers have super powers to keep a person calm and feel joyful. Indeed, it's true, it can nurture your soul.


Linger:verb to be slow in parting or quitting something
                      to remain alive although gradually dying
                      to remain existent although often warning in strength, importance or influence

Linger: a song by The Cranberries

The Cranberries is one of my favorite bands, a great musical influence to me plus their songs really soothes me the best. They are widely associated with alternative rock, they also incorporates with indie, indie-pop, pop rock, pop, rock, post-punk and Irish folk. They formed in 1989 and boom the charts in 1990's, mainstream success from 1992-1995. Superb!

Linger The Cranberries
If you, If you could return, don't let it burn, don't let it fade I'm sure I'm not being rude, but it's just your attitude, It's tearing me apart, It's ruining everything.
I swore, I swore I would be true, and honey, so did you. So why were you holding her hand? Is that the way we stand? Were you lying all the time? Was it just a g…

The Workout: Grow Tall

I'm starting to have some workouts for my body and soul. Do body workouts in the morning and read books at night, super fascinating! I'm getting ready for summer, I want to have some fun to shake the stress away due to paper works and other stressful activities of mine months earlier.

I've done some research about proper diet, good body workout techniques and books that can help me to be more motivated and inspired. Stress is screwing me and nailing me down and I'm not liking it, I should stop it from spanking  me so hard.

Now, I'm focusing on how to be taller. And according to some research, good diet must be followed:

Some of the foods that can make you grow taller include milk, cheese, yogurt, boiled chicken and protein-rich foods.Height growth may also be based on your muscles and bones. For boosting up the growth of the bones you should have a diet that is in rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.Muscles need to have an ample amount of water to grow better.…

Treat yourself to some Personal Time

I need something to do each day.. yeah, I'm already busy but simple tasks are more motivating and fun, just something to remind me that I'm living a simple life and loving it. I have these cards to pick each day that contains some tasks to do, it's like treating yourself to some Personal Time*.

"Steal a tranquil moment or two in your day by picking one card - each has an uplifting idea to chase the blahs and blues away."Card 1:
 Some people find dusting therapeutic. Try polishing silverware or your shoes. Organize your closet, file and put things in their proper order. Take away stuff that you don't use and donate to folks you have less. Repair items if you can.  So, I organized my closet this morning and put things in order, took away stuff and repaired an old calculator.

Simple things are extraordinary! Living life without a glimpse of hurt. Simple tasks can make you realize every little thing in this world, that in fact small things can do big changes. We …