With all advocacies that influenced me, it's good that I gained something from it. I'm thinking a lot this past few days, especially about school politics related activities. It's not easy to stay away from politics (school politics specifically) when you are a Student Leader; being in a political party, series of interviews, screenings to campaigns and election proper, it's not really easy as you think it is. It is fun, overwhelming and challenging, but the moment you have decided to be on a position, you now engaged yourself to more responsible and dedicated individual.

Building a good image for everyone and for yourself is very important. You'll start to care what people might think about you and you'll start to realize how you should do things. Every moment of being a student leader is your stage or studio and you must always give your best shot. For others it's hassle but for some it's normal. For me? It's normal. Being a student leader is like being a celebrity, you represent your student organization as a whole (no matter where you are), you need to be balance about your academics and extracurricular activities, you need to build good relationship to your members and different people outside the organization, you need to have good image, you need to be always prepared and ready for the fight,  you should work on with good ideas, mission and vision, you need to keep your records clean and so on... because that is what a "Student Leader" is all about.

Every screening/interview you will be asked by a question, "Why do you want to run for this position?". Stop thinking about your personal interests (like you just want to be in a position so you'll have a power and be quite famous) think of the organization and its members. Organizational positions shouldn't be put on the head, put it in your heart,so that you can function right and not just doing those activities to work on your ego. Positions are just labels, you can still have the power to help and contribute without having any formal organizational positions, as long as you are willing and you know that you are standing right on track.

Always remember that: Your words can define you, your works can illustrate you and your advocacies can lead.


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