Strings on Me

I started playing guitar when I was in first year high school, but before I learned how to play guitar, the first instrument that I engaged into was a piano, that was way back when I'm 5 or 6 years old, but I ended up not remembering all I've learned about it, due to newly adopted and generated interests. Back to guitars, the first  piece that I hit was the song "Living on the Jet Plane"; how can I forget that?! I practiced it almost the whole day and my fingers wanted to screw me and curse me that time.

I was kinda inspired on how to play musical instruments, because of some influences like friends, rock songs on every radio stations (during that time) and family related thingy. My dad who is an architect slash photographer is also a musician, he knows how to play guitar, piano and drums and he can sing great too (but I haven't heard him sing, they just told me about it). And I end up thinking that I just want to be like him when I grow up, but I don't think it's happening. I am inspired about the greeting cards and pictures he used to show the world, the music he creates and I realized I was just seven years old when I knew about all of it. And now, I can't seem to remember all those things that happened way way back, seems like I have my own tune already.

Oh wait, beforehand, my grandmother who was a singer once in her life (it's cool! she has a lot of pictures about her being a singer! thumbs up!) don't want me to play guitar for the reason that she wants me to remain quiet and solemn. But it end her spoiling me with some guitar stuff. 

Then, when I was 14, I started composing songs. But lately, when I was looking for my dear compositions, I can't seem to find it, maybe it's meant to be kept because it's not really that good. Strings attached. I'm a singer in my very own bathroom and I also play guitar there sitting on the toilet bowl due to a great echo that's "built-in". On a serious side, my guitar is one of those things that I can turn to whenever I have a problem or feeling like a little sad. You know, Strings on me.


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