Don't Talk to Anyone

January 13, 2011 (Thursday)
I accepted the challenge not talk to anyone for five hours. At first I thought that it'll not make sense and I will gain nothing from it, but on the second thought, "why not?", So it started around 12 noon and to tell you honestly, it wasn't easy. How can you last a day without talking to anybody? (even your closest friends) plus remaining so silent is really not my thing (that makes it so hard). That day, they do think that there's something wrong with me.

As I go on with the challenge, I realized something in life. It's really hard to be alone, I mean no friends, no mates, everything zero. On the other hand, it's kinda fun in view if that there are friends who really care; those people who were concerned that keeps talking to you even though you're not even answering and uttering any words to set things clear and to explain.

Had lunch alone. For all I know, I'm used to eating lunch and dinner all by myself, but during that day it felt like its very unusual, weird feeling that I cannot seem to fantasize and for the time that I was eating I can't barely taste the food and all I can care for was to end the challenge.

Finally by 5pm, it ended. Back to the old me with the lessons I gained during the entire challenge and eventually I told my concern friends about the weird me earlier that day and we all laughed about it, I'm so touched I could cry because their concern and love were definitely there. Too much love from everyone, priceless, I am blessed.


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