Concierto Piyu Otso-Tres

Far Eastern University, established in 1928 is celebrating its 83rd anniversary. It's automatic that every foundation week there will be a concert to be held in FEU grounds.

Concierto Piyu Otso-Uno's main acts Moonstar88 and Parokya ni Edgar nailed the whole crowd and it was considered a big hit plus superb performances from the FEU Cheering Squad, Green Bisons and FEU Booster. In line with this, Tanya Markova, (considered as an amateur band that time, and was not really famous back then) rocked FEU with their superb song "Picture-Picture", still with their unique songs, unique packaging and performance level . Vice Ganda (FEU Alumnus) gave entertainment and joy to the Tamaraw community in Concierto Piyu Otso-Dos, he shared some of his famous jokes and of course his experiences when he was still a student, it was really entertaining, fun and definitely awesome.

But for Concierto Piyu Otso-Tres, it was a big fiasco due to the fortuitous event, it rained. The weather didn't go so well, everyone's ready and excited, classes has been cut just around 4:30pm for the whole to enjoy the last day of the 83rd founding anniversary, but due to the bad weather, they stopped the program and said that it will resume after a few moments, but still the weather got worse and the concert didn't resume as expected. Disappointment takes place on everybody, expecting a lot from the Concierto Piyu Otso-Tres because of the big main acts that supposed to perform like the come back of Vice Ganda (who has been part of the Concierto Piyu Otso-Dos) and Chris Tsuper (Radio Dj, Love Radio; FEU Almnus) that supposed to be the host of the 83rd founding anniversary concert, bands like Callalily and Pupil (the whole Tamaraw Community were excited for Ely Buendia) and other performances from the home grown talents of FEU.

All I can say is... it's my fault, I prayed for it to rain, but all I was asking is for a 5 minute rain because it's too hot, but I don't have any idea that my prayer will be answered so much more as I wished. I'm sorry guys. hihihi. Too bad I missed Ely Buendia and the rest of the Pupil. But seriously speaking, it's a fortuitous event, event that cannot be foreseen or predicted, it's nobody's fault and we should not blame anyone for the catastrophe, I'm sure no one wished for the that bad weather (oh no). Let's all hope that the concert will be rescheduled and let's see what the Student Leaders and the Administrators can do.

   Tanya Markova @ FEU-Concierto Piyu Otso-Uno

   Parokya ni Edgar @ FEU-Concierto Piyu Otso-Uno

   Moonstar 88 @ FEU-Concierto Piyu Otso-Uno

    Vice Ganda @ FEU-Concierto Piyu Otso-Dos


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