The Cinderella Rules

I'm starting to like the book "The Cinderella Rules" by Donna Kauffman (author of The Big Bad Wolf Tells All). The book is actually right that there's really a little bit of Cinderella in every woman except for Darby Landon (the lead character in the book), I think we have a lot of things in common, that would make us not a really Cinderella at all. More comfortable in jeans than designer gowns, wearing sneakers than stilettos, and so on.

I'm so concern about girl's state of affairs. That in fact, I really don't like the idea that a guy is jerking a girl or thoughts like guys are just like morons screwing girls and will leave them in just a snap of their fingers. A part in the book is a Cinderella checklist, I think it can help girls to decide what should be done to be happy and feel like real princess and to have a Prince Charming who'd still see them gorgeous even they are not wearing any make up on.

A Cinderella Checklist
... dress the part. If you're going to have the world at your feet, you need a great pair of stilettos.

... employ some discretion. Flings are fabulous. Just don't get caught.

... keep an eye for your prince. He might ride in on a white steed-- but a red convertible will do nicely too.


... play by all the rules. After all, you're a Cinderella, not a saint.

... dismiss Mr. Nice Guy-- there may be a bad boy lurking underneath.

... settle. Cinderella should never have to choose between true love and great sex.

The book/movie "He's Just Not That into You" is a bit similar to this, in a way that the main focus is on how girls should be treated and what is the meaning of the sign and gesture that guys are trying to illustrate or show. Cheers for all the girls around the world. I'd love to post those Cinderella rules here, the idea is really inspiring.


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