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The Cinderella Rules

I'm starting to like the book "The Cinderella Rules" by Donna Kauffman (author of The Big Bad Wolf Tells All). The book is actually right that there's really a little bit of Cinderella in every woman except for Darby Landon (the lead character in the book), I think we have a lot of things in common, that would make us not a really Cinderella at all. More comfortable in jeans than designer gowns, wearing sneakers than stilettos, and so on.

I'm so concern about girl's state of affairs. That in fact, I really don't like the idea that a guy is jerking a girl or thoughts like guys are just like morons screwing girls and will leave them in just a snap of their fingers. A part in the book is a Cinderella checklist, I think it can help girls to decide what should be done to be happy and feel like real princess and to have a Prince Charming who'd still see them gorgeous even they are not wearing any make up on.

A Cinderella Checklist
Do ... dress the part. If y…


With all advocacies that influenced me, it's good that I gained something from it. I'm thinking a lot this past few days, especially about school politics related activities. It's not easy to stay away from politics (school politics specifically) when you are a Student Leader; being in a political party, series of interviews, screenings to campaigns and election proper, it's not really easy as you think it is. It is fun, overwhelming and challenging, but the moment you have decided to be on a position, you now engaged yourself to more responsible and dedicated individual.

Building a good image for everyone and for yourself is very important. You'll start to care what people might think about you and you'll start to realize how you should do things. Every moment of being a student leader is your stage or studio and you must always give your best shot. For others it's hassle but for some it's normal. For me? It's normal. Being a student leader is like…

Concierto Piyu Otso-Tres

Far Eastern University, established in 1928 is celebrating its 83rd anniversary. It's automatic that every foundation week there will be a concert to be held in FEU grounds.

Concierto Piyu Otso-Uno's main acts Moonstar88 and Parokya ni Edgar nailed the whole crowd and it was considered a big hit plus superb performances from the FEU Cheering Squad, Green Bisons and FEU Booster. In line with this, Tanya Markova, (considered as an amateur band that time, and was not really famous back then) rocked FEU with their superb song "Picture-Picture", still with their unique songs, unique packaging and performance level . Vice Ganda (FEU Alumnus) gave entertainment and joy to the Tamaraw community in Concierto Piyu Otso-Dos, he shared some of his famous jokes and of course his experiences when he was still a student, it was really entertaining, fun and definitely awesome.

But for Concierto Piyu Otso-Tres, it was a big fiasco due to the fortuitous event, it rained. The weather d…

Don't Talk to Anyone

January 13, 2011 (Thursday)
I accepted the challenge not talk to anyone for five hours. At first I thought that it'll not make sense and I will gain nothing from it, but on the second thought, "why not?", So it started around 12 noon and to tell you honestly, it wasn't easy. How can you last a day without talking to anybody? (even your closest friends) plus remaining so silent is really not my thing (that makes it so hard). That day, they do think that there's something wrong with me.

As I go on with the challenge, I realized something in life. It's really hard to be alone, I mean no friends, no mates, everything zero. On the other hand, it's kinda fun in view if that there are friends who really care; those people who were concerned that keeps talking to you even though you're not even answering and uttering any words to set things clear and to explain.

Had lunch alone. For all I know, I'm used to eating lunch and dinner all by myself, but during…

Bamboo: "Has Officially called it QUITS"

Bamboo's frontman Francisco "Bamboo" Manalac finally confirmed the breakup of his band, they posted an official statement on their band's website before the midnight of January 11 and officially called it quits.

Bamboo's Statement:

Hello Everybody,   We started the band 2002-2003, playing for small venues or to whoever just wanted to sit down and listen to 4 old dogs that refused to grow up and continued to do what we know we were born to do (it took me awhile. I confess). No one believed in us at the start. Always with a chip on our shoulder we were able and willingly ready to prove doubters wrong. Here we are 7 or 8 (to the few) years later. (A lifetime in this business). Things change.  As a group we've come to a point where you have to trust your gut, your heart and your head and accept that all things change. The hardest part as always is to know when to pack it up and part ways. We've learned that this journey is not only about us but includes all wh…

Strings on Me

I started playing guitar when I was in first year high school, but before I learned how to play guitar, the first instrument that I engaged into was a piano, that was way back when I'm 5 or 6 years old, but I ended up not remembering all I've learned about it, due to newly adopted and generated interests. Back to guitars, the first  piece that I hit was the song "Living on the Jet Plane"; how can I forget that?! I practiced it almost the whole day and my fingers wanted to screw me and curse me that time.

I was kinda inspired on how to play musical instruments, because of some influences like friends, rock songs on every radio stations (during that time) and family related thingy. My dad who is an architect slash photographer is also a musician, he knows how to play guitar, piano and drums and he can sing great too (but I haven't heard him sing, they just told me about it). And I end up thinking that I just want to be like him when I grow up, but I don't thin…

MMDA: To ease the traffic

This is my first blog post for 2011 and I just want to hit a good news to start the year right. We (Filipinos) know that the traffic here in Metro Manila is not a joke, we can be stranded or stuck up on the road for long hours because of the severe traffic. I sometimes blame the government or the MMDA about these incidents in the road that I'm getting stuck into a traffic and will not be able to make it on time for whatever appointment i have. But as I was browsing some good news about the government today, this MMDA thing amused me.

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), is planning to construct roundabouts or rotondas, in those strategic locations all over the metro. They are proposing and implementing long-term and short-term solutions to address the traffic congestion, more specifically on the areas where there are too many road obstructions. It also said that they will increase the travel time and they will also decongest the major roads.

MMDA will definitely start or pu…