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What Made You Feel 'Complete' Today?

Today, I was able to submit a manuscript. I have been quite thinking about it for a week now and I thought that maybe if I start doing it, then I would have gone to finish it. I did, actually; and it felt good.

When I first decided to start my manuscript, I was so scared. I fear that it will not be as successful as what I want it to be. But, later on, I felt incomplete because I know in myself I'm not trying (not trying hard enough).

Then I started. I penned all the words as it came to me like hot flushes under the scorching hotness of the sun. I let my mind run the letters and the words to form a sentence, a paragraph, and it eventually became a piece.

As of this moment, I'm not in, any way, care about where my manuscript will take me as I know whatever and wherever it will lead me in the days to come, it is already considered as an achievement. Pushing myself to produce one is good enough for me to know that I can.

Following your passion was never easy. Well, at least for m…

Libre Umiyak, Besh

So ito nga. Yung mga besh ko na magkakausap kami tungkol sa mga librong nabasa namin. Ang saya. Kasi minsan wala akong kakwentuhan tungkol sa mga libro na nabasa ko o nabasa nila. Yung iba sobrang lalim, yung iba sadyang walang interes lang.

Lahat kami stressed sa kung paano tatakbo ang kanya-kanya naming grupo. Ewan. Bahala na si Batman. Lagi lang naman siya ang bahala. Kaya niya na yan.

Going back. Madami ako nabasang libro dati pati na rin siguro ngayon, may iilan. Sa sobrang busy ko sa trabaho at sa bahay eh bakit ba hindi na ko makapagbasa. Nung mag-isa akong namumuhay sa tuktok ng building dati, madami akong oras mag-emote. Kada librong nakakaiyak na nabasa ko, iiyak ako. SO WHAT? HAHAHA. Feel na feel ko bawat chapters. Kasama ko ang tahimik na mundo ko, tanaw ang mga bahay, buildings, at mga billboards sa malayo. Pati na rin yung langit at ulap na nagsasabi sakin dati na "lumabas ka naman sa lungga mo."

Karamihan ng hugot ko sa mga sinusulat, nakuha ko sa mga librong n…

Living the Indie Life: 5 Things I've Learned the Hard Way

One of the most memorable years of my life are the years I spent living alone, independently. I had the whole time to discover myself, to finally connect with my being, my strengths, and my weaknesses, and to do all the things I want to do without any approval, only myself.

On the other hand, it was sad to be away from family, too, but it was all-happy at the same time. I answer only to myself, who by the way, is not too hard to please, if I may say. I'm not high-maintenance. Simple things drive me. 
I had the time to know more what I want in life, what I surely cry about, or what can hurt me. I protected myself at all times because no one can do it for me. Sure, there were a lot of lessons there, trial and errors, too. But with all the lessons I've learned, I learned it through the hardest way possible:
1. You are only accountable for yourself, so stop being a baby
My career was sure a whirlwind of an experience. It was ups and downs, and it had mostly downs at some point. I …