My #Mamahood Beauty Essentials

When you are a mother, you have a lot to sacrifice. You have less time for yourself and more time for the baby. The struggle to keep a balance between work and being a mother is real. There are days when you wish there could be additional six hours to the usual 24-hour.

The struggle to put on make-up, go for long baths, or even shop at the mall or the grocery does exist. With proper time management, patience (more more more of it), perseverance, and determination (Hahaha!), you'll get by.

If you are caught up and overwhelmed with what's happening with motherhood, always remember: this too shall pass. Enjoy it while it lasts.

In my opinion, being a mother should not be the reason to be less like who you really are before the baby. In fact, this is the time you should be taking more care of yourself. So, to share with you some of my beauty essentials (naks! Hahaha!), here are things I use for my hair, face, and body:


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Human Heart Nature Moisturizing Shampoo - Mandarin Fresh 
Truth be told, I love everything natural/organic for I am an advocate of the environment, health, and sustainable living. 

I love this shampoo because it gives me a refreshing feel with a citrus smell that can last the whole day. Before I also use it with its tandem conditioner (Mandarin Fresh) and it leaves my hair soft and smooth. 

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The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel 
Haha! I'm actually a hoarder so this one was given to me as a gift before, I just couldn't remember exactly when.

My friends used to give me shower gels either from The Body Shop or from Marks & Spencer. I'm not very keen on what brand as long as it is a shower gel. 

I didn't appreciate using shower gels during bath until my friends and colleagues have given me some then tried it. Hehe! I was a soap kinda girl because I think it is cheaper and can be used longer. 

If you are looking for a good shower gel that will make your skin moisturized (even without using any lotion), try this Strawberry Shower Gel from The Body Shop. It will keep your skin smooth and silky. If you are not into strawberry, there are a lot of choices to choose from like Tea Tree, Moringa, Vineyard Peach, Olive, and Shea to name a few. 


I've had problems with hormones before that led me to break out. So, even long before, I really had problems with my skin. It is just recently after I gave birth that everything changed and I don't break out that much anymore. Thank heavens! 

I've used a lot of different facial products in the past. In fact, I could say that I have tried everything. From skin care to makeup and to everything in between. There were products that worked and many ones that didn't.

If you share the same dilemma with me about hormones, oily skin, and breakouts, here are the products I personally pick and use that can change the way of the game. Wowza!

Skin Care

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Human Heart Nature Nourishing Facial Wash - Mild & Gentle Cleansing
Believe me when I say I tried almost everything and this is the only that worked well for me. I really have an oily skin but there are also days that my face feels dry. It was a total roller coaster ride in the skincare department. 

After trying several brands and shelling a lot of money on facials and whatsoever, the only answer to the problem was this Human Hear Nature Nourishing Facial Wash.

It hydrates my skin and even removes makeup easily. It is light. While it doesn't foam up, you'd know that your face will be cleaned well.

I don't use astringents and toners. If I feel I still have makeup on my face, I apply Sunflower Oil all over, wipe it with a facial tissue, and wash it again with this facial wash.

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Skinpotions Tomato Serum
You see, I love all-natural and organic stuff because it is safer to use. I've been using Skin Potions since 2013-2014 (?) and I love it since then. 

The first product I tried using was the glutathione milk soap (?). Not sure about what it's called now but I was a beach bum way back and I had problems with my skin color. It became uneven with all the sunburns crafted by the swimsuits and swim gears I've used. Basically, I looked like a zebra. Hahaha!

That soap was really effective. It lightened all the dark areas of my skin inflicted by myself because of not putting sunscreen. I followed them on Instagram since then. 

Way back then, they were just offering soaps and lip tints, now they have managed to release serums, facial creams, and even a whole line of makeup! Also, they are local! Made in the Philippines! 

This tomato serum is what I used as a face moisturizer. I hate to moisturize with the usual creams because it makes me feel sticky and I feel it makes my face oilier. Yes, right? The most common misconception of everyone is not to moisturize when we are already oily. But NO, we have to!

I use this after a bath (before applying makeup) and before going to sleep. I'm a momma who wakes up in the middle of the night to change nappies and feed, so I better massage this serum on my face or else I'll look like 60. 

Skinpotions Tomato Serum freed my skin from breakouts. It left it nicely moisturized and on the way to flawlessness. Huuuuuza! Hahaha!

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Skinpotions Snowberry Cream
Another nice facial care product from Skinpotions is the Snowberry Cream. I remember trying this one when they first released it. It was around P200-ish then. It took care of my oiliness and made my face radiant!

Also, I have lots of freckles on my face (Hi, Mom!), so it has been really my problem ever since. It is just now that people are in the hype to put freckles. Hahaha! But before, you will do anything to cover it. I'm not sure if the product lightened mine but surprisingly, it made it more manageable. 

I dab a little bit of Snowberry Cream onto my face before putting makeup. It acts as my primer so BB creams and powders could remain intact all throughout the day. 

At night, I put generous amount of Snowberry Cream on my face to rejuvenate. I wake up glowing, fam! Plus, it helped me to stop breakouts and removed blemishes. Personally, this is the most essential part of my skincare routine. 

Skincare is very important but it doesn't have to be expensive. All of these products are under Php500 and all-natural! So, you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals that can damage your face. 


I'm not a pro when it comes to makeup. I just like it. It is just very recently that I learned how to contour my face due to watching too many Michelle Dy and Michelle Fox videos when my baby is asleep. Hahaha!

Even before, especially when I was still full-time Marketing Head, I always prioritize putting makeup because I was meeting many people. Also, I love putting colors and enhancing my face especially my eyes because I always wear eyeglasses (I tried to use contact lenses but no can't do. It was a hassle every time because it easily dries up in my eyes.)

Since my skin is also sensitive, I go for mineral makeups. I was also so paranoid when I was pregnant that I obsessed what to put on my face, body, and hair. It had to be safe and chemical-free so it would not affect my baby. Hahaha! 

Here are some in my makeup haul I'd like to share with you:

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The Face Shop Clean Face Oil Control BB Cream
This was given to me as a gift by my former boss when they attended a conference in Korea. I tried using this one instead of putting my usual cream foundation and I loved it since then. 

This BB Cream has a lot of good skin benefits and it really does control oil. 

This BB Cream is only 35ml but it can last for a long long time. You do not have to put a lot in your face because even just a nice little dab can go a long way and conquer the day. 

This is a good base that holds your makeup plus it does not harm your skin. 

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Human Heart Nature Mineral Foundation
If you like a full coverage foundation but you want something safe to use (especially if you are pregnant), this Human Heart Nature Mineral Foundation is the answer. 

I found it soft compared to other powder foundation I've used before. Though, it still does the job of providing full coverage. 

In a previous blog post, I also explained why I prefer to use this mineral foundation. I started using this when I was four months pregnant and everything went smoothly (literally!).

If you don't like putting foundation on your face, you can opt to use pressed powder or simply baby powder. It matters what you are comfortable with. 

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Human Heart Nature Mineral Eye Shadow
As you can witness, I love Human Heart Nature. Hehe! Because they are all-mineral, pro-environment, pro-poor, and pro-Philippines! Love and support our local brands!

The palette I use is the Earth Beauty palette. I don't put eyeshadow on a daily basis, I basically use this palette for my eyebrows. 

The Torch shade is what I use to do my eyebrows because I blackened my hair from being semi-blondie for four consecutive years. Haha! It was a good decision because I then got pregnant and dying my hair seems to be quite impossible because of the color I wanted (kinda light! Needed bleach!) 

Since kilay is life and I was not blessed with nice eyebrows (halos wala or manipis, akshally),
I just do my eyebrows by filling it with Torch and voila! Kilay is finally here! 

If you are not an eyebrow pencil kind of girl, you can just opt to use eyeshadow for your kilays

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Catrice Cosmetics Blush Artist Shading Palette
This Catrice Cosmetics Blush Artist Shading Palette is my contour essential. It comes in different shades that can be used depending on your skin tone. 

Personally, I use this shade (refer to the photo) because it suits my skin tone (as per the makeup consultant in the store). Like the Jordana Cosmetics, you can also buy this one from Watsons! They sell it at P499 only. 

It already has the contouring powder, blush, and highlighter. It carries a nice pigment too so it's easier to apply.

Jordana Cosmetics Pressed Powder
Like I've said, if you are not into putting foundation on your face and would want a lighter coverage, you can opt to use a pressed powder. 

This pressed powder from Jordana Cosmetics was recommended to me because it doesn't make the face oily and it can last throughout the day with little to no re-touch! It is not from a local brand though but it is not really expensive. In fact, I bought this one from Watsons. 

It comes with a puff and a mirror underneath. This nice smelling pressed powder sets easily onto the skin. 

Etude House Dear Darling Tint - #RD307
This was one of the best gifts I received last Christmas! (Thank you, Criselle!) This Etude House Dear Darling Tint (#RD307) changed the tint game for me. 

I really don't contour on a daily basis. I always go for a fresh look. Just as long as I don't look haggard from all the mamahood thing, I'm fine. Hahaha! 

Personally, I use this one on my cheeks and lips. This is perfect if you'd also like to achieve Korean freshness look. The tint can last the whole day until you wash your face. So worth it!

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color - 07 Tiramisu
I love liquid matte lipsticks because they are easier to apply and they stay. I've used Nyx in the past and couldn't be any happier with it. But when I needed a quick fix for matte lip color, this Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color has been the answer. 

I picked this Tiramisu shade because it's kind of in the middle - which means... it's not so dark and it's not so light. It smells like Vanilla, too. 

I love using this because it stays and it doesn't dry out my lips. Very affordable too and you can also buy this from Watsons or any department stores near you. 

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MAC Retro Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo
Among all the lipsticks I owned, this is the most expensive. Hahaha! I don't usually buy lipstick beyond P500. 

This one was a gift from my mom when she went to Singapore. It was cheaper there compared to here, so buysung na! Plus this is a very good investment! You can just use this Ruby Woo (or any red lipstick for that matter) when you are too lazy to put on makeup but don't want to look plain. 

I used this occasionally like for attending weddings, debuts, corporate events, and the like. I go for lip tints for ordinary days or lakad

Basically, those are the products I used that are essential for me. For the mascara, I have a Jordana Cosmetic Mascara but I'd like to shift to Maybelline because it doesn't give justice to my eyelashes. Hahaha! I really don't have long and thick lashes so I need a volumizer kind of mascara. 

Like I've said, being a momma (especially a hands-on momma) should not stop you from looking your best. Find time even just five minutes in your day to put on makeup especially if you are going out with your family and friends. Being haggard may not be a choice but you can do something about it. 

For skincare, the secret is... stop being lazy. Hahaha! I was guilty. The first two months of motherhood was the hardest for me. The overpouring growth spurt, sleepless nights, my paranoia about how my baby was doing, and simply everything. Hahaha! But, with the proper mindset and the willingness to be better are the keys not just to have a glowing skin but also to give the best for your child.

PS. I'm not paid to review these products. These are just the things I really use. :)


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